Bridgerton, sex education… how series are influencing fashion

The black mini dress from Maddy in euphoriaDustin’s trucker cap inside stranger things… As soon as a new season comes out, searches for specific plays skyrocket.

Series are more fashionable than Anna Wintour. This is evidenced by Tiktokeurs’ efforts to reproduce the looks of franchises and series from the 2000s. dusk and Vampire Diaries (#TwilightCore) or to match the very colorful outfits ofEmily in Paris.

Top of those iconic pieces the networks snagged following the release of our favorite series.

+900% for Maddy’s black mini dress in euphoria

In the first episode of the last season ofeuphoriathe teen show where high school seniors dress better than the parade fashionistas, the tight black mini dress cut out worn by Maddy (played by actress Alexa Demie) more than one capsized. After the broadcast of the New Year’s Eve episodes, the search for Amina Muaddi’s dress signed up over 900%, according to fashion e-commerce aggregator Love the Sales.

+ 194% for Emily’s lilac Courrèges jacket in Emily in Paris

The series’ costume designer, Marylin Fitoussi, explained, “With Emily, we needed to create a UFO with a strong personality, and I didn’t want to indulge in the stereotype of the American arriving in a hoodie. “Mission accomplished with this character who doesn’t hesitate to layer patterns and bright colors for a result that sometimes “squeaks a bit…” But sure enough, it makes an impression: the purple Courrèges jacket worn by heroin in the evenings led to a 194% increase in internet searches on fashion site Lyst.

Photo credit: Netflix

3 billion views for revived corsets by Bridgeton

To say the Zs on TikTok love fashion is an understatement. Here we not only analyze the emergence of new trends such as the Dystopiacore or Hyper Gen Z movements, but also show how to accessorize the corset updated by the series taking place under the English Regency became. The #corset already has more than 3.2 billion views here.

+7,800% for the white inmate vans Squid Game

Ultra sober and easy to dress, they panicked netizens who, after the first season of the South Korean series aired, tried to recreate the looks of the participants in the bloody battle royale. According to the Sole Suppliers platform, online searches related to the white sneakers worn by the characters of Squid Game would have increased by 7,800%…

12 pieces and 4 H&M accessories inspired by sex education

Varsity jacket inspired by the Moordale students’ uniform, t-shirt with a slight grunge effect… For the start of the September 2021 school year, the Swedish fast fashion giant has launched a capsule collection with 12 pieces and 4 accessories, inspired by outfits designed by Rosa Dias, costume designer for the British series sex education.

Credit Photo: H&M

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