Birth Bonus 2022: CAF, amount and payout

Birth Bonus 2022: CAF, amount and payout

The birth grant refers to various means of financing the costs associated with the birth of a child. It can be paid by the CAF or the employer.

The birth bonus is a device that allows future parents to receive a bonus Financing of costs related to the arrival of a child. she is granted equally to men and women. The childbirth allowance is granted by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF). of the care system for young children (Paje). The payment of the birth benefit is subject to certain criteria, in particular with regard to the financial possibilities of the household. In addition to the system put in place by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales, some parents can do this benefit from a birth bonus as part of their professional activity if this is provided for in certain texts such as a collective agreement. The principle of the birth premium can also be included in the employee’s employment contract.

The birth bonus offered by CAF as part of the Paje scheme is available to all parents expecting the birth of a child. It is required to benefit from the Birth Bonustake the necessary steps with CAF and meet the required conditions.

  1. Report the pregnancy the first 14 weeks with the CAF and the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM)
  2. have their main residence in France and reside there more than six months a year
  3. Justify resources below a certain cap

What is the upper limit for receiving the childbirth grant?

The blanket for get the birth bonus paid by the CAF is identical to that for receive the basic Paje allowance. The incomes examined correspond to year N-2 and the threshold established depends on the family, marital and professional situation of the household.

Maximum amounts for entitlement to a childbirth grant (2022):
Number of children (born or to be) Couple with only one income from activities Single parents or couples with two incomes
1 32 520 € 42 978 €
2 39 024 € 49 482 €
3 46 829 € 57 287 €
Per additional child 7 805 € 7 805 €

What is the birth premium?

The amount of the birth premium paid by CAF is 948.27 euros until March 31st. This amount is calculated according to the number of children. When twins are born, the parents receive double the birth benefit, ie 1,896.54 euros. The birth of triplets allows one to benefit from a birth bonus of 2,844.81 euros. The amount of the birth premium is reassessed each time April 1st.

Is it possible to run a simulation to calculate his birth premium?

The Caisse d’Allocations Familiales provides resources for parents run a simulation to estimate their entitlements to childcare allowance (Paje) including childbirth grant. This tool is available on the CAF website.

When will you receive the birth bonus?

The payment of the birth premium is brought forward from the 7th month of pregnancy. Payment was made before January 1, 2021 – at the latest – on the last day of the second month after the birth of the child or after termination of pregnancy has been established in accordance with the Social Security Financing Act (LFSS) promulgated on 14.12.2020.

It usually cracks down on the childbirth allowance that certain companies give their employeesa reciprocity chosen by the employer. The bonus can also be in the collective agreement or in the employment contract. In both cases, The employer cannot avoid this obligation. However, it will be possible for him not to pay the childbirth allowance specified in the employment contract, provided that the employee agrees.

If the employer pays a baby bonus, the payment can be made go through mandatory reciprocity depending on the terms of the contract. You should check with your company directly.

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