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Biathlon: “I stop before I’m alone,” explains Frédéric Jean

This Easter weekend Fredrik Jean38, is a guest at Nordic Magazine to whom he granted a lengthy interview a few days later left the leader of the women’s group of the French women’s biathlon team. In this first part, the native of value (Drome) Exhibitions the exact reason that prompted him to leave his post.

  • When you announced your resignation as coach of the French women’s biathlon team, you spoke about your family: is that the only reason?

Yes, it really is a decision I made for my family. Things got complicated at home because I have two small children. Management became difficult, especially since my six-year-old son kept having health problems. It got complicated and like I always have I preferred to put my family first so I could spend some more time with them.

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Paula Botet (FRA), Justine Braisaz-Bouchet (FRA), Frédéric Jean (FRA), Lou Jeanmonnot (FRA), Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet (FRA), Chloé Chevalier (FRA), Julia Simon (FRA), Anaïs Bescond (FRA ). ) – Manzoni/Nordic Focus
  • When did you make that decision?

At the beginning of the season the idea was already in my head and then there were discussions with my wife. [Aurore Jean, née Cuinet, ancienne fondeuse de l’équipe de France, NDLR]. During the season, we made family-level decisions because Aurore voluntarily did not work this winter, so that I could practice my profession with the utmost serenity. Above all, we made financial cuts and I was able to prepare optimally for the games. I sincerely thank my wife for this because I know it took a lot of her energy.

So I made this decision for the family because I’m away from home 190 to 220 days a year for work. It got too complicated and I preferred to do that before I found myself alone [rires] !

“Biathlon is my life”Frederic Jean from Nordic Magazine

  • When you shared your decision with the group, the emotion must have been there…

Of course, because biathlon is my life! I started by warning Stéphane [Bouthiaux, patron du biathlon français, NDLR] who didn’t expect more. I then announced it to the girls in Oslo one by one and there was an emotion in each of them. This allowed me to explain the reasons for my stop and they fully understood that family is the most important thing. I know what I created with the girls in the group and I know I will still be in touch with them. Biathlon is a big family.

  • We assume that it was not easy for you to quit despite the family imperative…

This decision was indeed not easy for me because I like my job and the girls’ season went very well. We really managed to create something beautiful and take this team to the highest level. In my work, I’ve always wanted to create closeness, to be close to my athletes, and that’s why it’s difficult for me to part with them.

> From tomorrow, Sunday, find the second part of this interview in which Frédéric Jean will take stock of his four years at the head of the women’s group of the French biathlon team

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