Benin / Education: Uac, the rector announces the reduction of subjects taught in faculties, schools and institutes

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In a memo dated March 21, the rector of the University of Abomey-Calavi, Professor Félicien Avlessi, announced a major reform at the level of the constitutive elements of teaching units (ECUE). In concrete terms, this reform will ultimately lead to a reduction in the subjects taught in UAC faculties, schools and training institutes.
In a memo dated March 21, the rector of the University of Abomey-Calavi asked the various directors of the university’s educational institutions to consider reducing the number of ECUE. In support of this reform, Professor Avléssi pointed out that the decisions and recommendations of the national workshop evaluating the implementation of the LMD system have not been respected. “From September 12 to 16, 2016, a national workshop to evaluate the implementation of the LMD system took place in Bohicon, accompanied by resolutions and recommendations, the implementation of which has not really and systematically started by a long shot,” he lamented. It was agreed that further evaluation is appropriate, which could lead not only to a harmonization of the training offers in the universities of Benin, but also to the consideration of national academic realities in the development of these training offers. “In December 2021, he recalls, the Studies and University Orientation Service (SEOU) officially registered 557 training offers, of which 540 are implemented in the LMD format and 282 are officially validated, most of which fall under the cycle license.” According to him, the UAC counted in 2021 846 teachers. However, in the license cycles, a teacher is generally required to complete 20 EC per semester with a minimum hourly volume of 25 hours per subject. The principal notes that this is an embarrassing exercise for teachers who follow this rhythm. For this reason, he urged teachers to make every effort for the 2022/2023 academic year to revise the training offerings to significantly reduce subjects while remaining within the framework proposed by the Center for Higher Education and Quality Assurance (CPUAQ).

This approach will lead to a significant reduction in the number of overtime hours spent by teachers. According to some trade unionists we contacted, this reform could result in a drastic reduction in the number of temporary workers employed by the university, who already account for a significant part of the university’s budgetary costs. In fact, the ECUE system has been around for a number of years. It combines two or three subjects into one teaching unit. This allows students to validate these ECUE even if they do not achieve the average in each subject. It is also a mechanism to bypass the influence of certain teachings that students find difficult to validate.

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