Being born through IVF would confer better health in adulthood

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    Children born through IVF would enjoy better health in adulthood. They would also have better management of their social relationships. This is shown by a study carried out in Australia.

    Do IVF children have better health in adulthood?

    Medical Aid to Procreation (PMA) is believed to be the cause of one in thirty births in France. The IVF method (In Vitro Fertilization) dominates the other techniques, especially that of artificial insemination. But while the first baby conceived through assisted reproduction was born in France on February 24, 1982, some 40 years ago, researchers are now interested in the physical health of babies born from IVF and growing up .

    Indeed, according to one of the authors of a study recently published in the journal human fertilityNumerous studies have focused on the physical health and development of children and adolescents conceived using assisted reproductive technology (MAP). [mais] Less well known is the quality of life of adults conceived by ART“.

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    comparative data

    To try to provide some answers, Australian researchers from the University of Melbourne’s Department of Pediatrics conducted research using:

    • 193 young adults designed with MPA;
    • 86 naturally conceived young adults.

    All participants answered a questionnaire that dates back a few years. In particular, they were asked questions about their physical and mental health, their environment and their social relationships. These questions generally focused on these four elements in two life stages:

    • When they were between the ages of 18 and 28;
    • And between 22 and 35 years old.

    Better health and quality of life for children born through IVF

    The experts then analyzed the information in the two age groups, taking into account several characteristics:

    • Related to mental well-being: age of mother at birth of respondent, her sexual orientation, financial situation, perception of own weight, number of friends, frequency of physical activity and quality of relationship with parents;
    • The mental stress scale: Identification of cases of anxiety and depression, duration of feeling nervous, restless and mental exhaustion in the last four weeks;
    • Life quality : Measurement of quality of life on a physical (pain, sleep, energy, etc.), psychological (memory, focus, self-esteem, etc.), social (personal relationships, sexual activity, etc.) and environmental (resources). finance, education, leisure activities, etc.).

    The study shows that “Less psychological stress, a more positive relationship with parents, a better financial situation, and feeling the right weight between the ages of 18 and 28 contributed to a better quality of life in adulthood“. According to the results of these surveys, it appears that children conceived through IVF therefore have better health and optimal quality of life when they are in their thirties.

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