Because she was born with two uteri, one woman thought she was infertile: she gave birth to two babies in less than a year!

At the age of 18, Caroline Wortman made her first appointment with a gynecologist. After the examination, she informs him that she has two cervix and that therefore she may have two uteri, a phenomenon called uterus didelphis. This was confirmed a few months later with an internal ultrasound. This American woman has both uteri complete, but this is not always the case.

A possibility of infertility

“I didn’t realize what the consequences would be. I asked the doctor who told me I could be infertile and there could be complications and high risks if I got pregnant.”, tells Caroline SWNS. The young woman gets used to this thought: “I always knew I wanted kids, but I tried to stay positive and not think about it too much. […] I knew I still wanted to be a mother, but I wasn’t sure if I could become one without adoption, surrogacy, or other interventions.

Caroline, now 30, met her future husband a few years after diagnosis when she was 23. She decides to tell Nate about her Didelpheus womb pretty quickly: “I was nervous. When we first started seeing each other I knew he wanted children and I didn’t know if I could give him any. But he was very reassuring and didn’t seem upset at having to look for other options to have children. He always said it would come as it would.She explains.

Two consecutive pregnancies

The couple moved on, and Caroline and Nate married in September 2019. They quickly started trying babies. “I was worried, but they always say stress can make it harder to get pregnant, so we tried to be happy and relaxed.”, says the young woman. We have to believe it worked because on April 25, 2020, while she has an appointment outdoors for her work, she is unwell and has shortness of breath. She realizes her period is a few days late and decides to take a pregnancy test.

“When I was waiting for the test results, I put it in a drawer so I wouldn’t stare at it. I felt like I was going to pass out from the stress, I hadn’t even told Nate I was going to take it When the positive result broke, I had lots of ideas to share the news with him, but I just panicked at the time and ran the Downstairs to show him the test.”, she remembers. The couple is happy, moved and happy about a child. An ultrasound shows them that the young woman is seven weeks pregnant. The pregnancy goes well and the uterus not carrying the baby is simply pushed aside as the fetus grows. Little Josie was born on January 2nd, 2021 and her parents were overjoyed.

Six months pass and in June Caroline becomes nauseous while she is with her parents.. “I thought it was my father’s driving style but at the same time all the symptoms made sense in my head and I took a test the next morning.”, She says. When Nate asks her about the result, she gives him news neither of them expected: She’s pregnant again!

The couple hadn’t started trying for a second child, but they are happy despite everything. An ultrasound performed after the pregnancy test shows that Caroline is 10 weeks pregnant and that this time the baby is in her other womb: “The baby was small enough each time that we could see the other womb and confirmed which side it was on – Josie was on the right, Brooks on the left.” Despite having a normal pregnancy, she gave birth to her baby boy on December 26, 2021, just 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant. She believes her son’s premature birth is related to the possibility of the cervix dilating too early in a didelphic uterus. Fortunately, the consequences for the infant, who only spent nine days in the NICU, were not severe.

She wants to raise awareness and give hope

Caroline is aware that her case is rare, which means other women with a didelphic uterus are not necessarily well informed. That’s why she decided to tell her story: “I don’t recall reading any stories to relate to with this particular diagnosis when I was pregnant, so hopefully this can help just one woman.” , are two completely different things, but I want to encourage women not to give up if they want to become mothers. […] I hope women with the same diagnosis as me can take this story to heart and say to themselves, “Look, this woman was told this wasn’t possible and she had two healthy babies in a year.”She says.

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