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After the fire that ravaged the abandoned mansion on Boulevard Amyot d’Inville in Beauvais on the night of Wednesday March 30th to Thursday March 31st, a whole section of local history resurfaces. Built in 1850, this house was home to the Amyot d’Inville family, “a well respected family in Beauvais”pays tribute to Catherine Thiéblin, the municipal councilor responsible for the preservation of monuments.

Three of the four Amyot d’Inville brothers died during World War II. “They gave their lives for France, remembers Catherine Thiéblin, Councilor for Monuments. One was a priest (Gerald), he joined the resistance, was deported by the Gestapo and died in a concentration camp. Another was captain (Jacques, 3e foreign infantry regiment), and another sailor (Hubert, 1is Marine Rifle Regiment). And one of her sisters was a Carmelite nun in Beauvais.”.

The elected official couldn’t hide her sadness that a piece of local history went up in smoke. “But it had to happen one day, it’s sad that this house remained abandoned for so many years, with broken windows, the vegetation that started to invade the house…” In fact, the site had been abandoned for ten years after having long housed the offices of the Departmental Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry. “It was a nice residence, I worked at the DDAF in the statistics department with Mr. Prévost and his entire teamShe liked to think back to a former tenant professionally, They were great, I have excellent memories of them.”.

“The goal is to set up the headquarters of SA HLM du Beauvaisis

Jacques Doridam, Vice President of Agglo and SA HLM du Beauvaisis

A stele of the three busts of the Amyot d’Inville brothers, commemorating this story, was displayed there in the house’s fallow garden before being preserved by Beauvais Town Hall in 2021. “In the context of a general meeting of an association says Catherine Thieblin, We discussed these busts to place elsewhere in town knowing that this house had been sold by the state.”.

In the background the future offices of SA HLM Beauvaisis.

An announcement on the Internet mentioned an auction of this mansion with an area of ​​1140 m22and a final price of €244,040. But the authorities eventually came to an agreement with the Agglo du Beauvaisis, which owned the site for a month. “The aim is to set up the headquarters of SA HLM du Beauvaisis in the outbuildings (which are adjacent to the building), emphasizes Jacques Doridam, Vice President of Agglo and SA HLM du Beauvaisis, and to build dwellings that respect the memory of the place in the home”.

The house had housed the field headquarters during the Second World War

The “Feldkommandantur” plaque on the building’s railing commemorates the dark hours of World War II under German occupation.

This house is also about remembering the dark hours of our history. During World War II, it had been tasked by the German occupiers with setting up the Feldkommandantur (detachment-level military command). In addition to private accommodation, the Germans had appropriated all public buildings (schools, grammar schools) to accommodate the troops. In 2019, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Beauvais (30 August 1944), the city of Beauvais, the CCAS and the Conseil de la vie patriotique published a small newspaper in historical format, one passage of which commemorated the arrival of Adolf Hitler on Christmas Day 1940.

Adolf Hitler was present in Beauvais on Christmas Day 1940.

“After meeting Admiral Darlan, who had been sent by Pétain in his special train to La Boissière (in the 1400 m long tunnel built by Göring at Coudray-sur-Thelle), Führer Adolf Hitler arrived at the airmen at 1.45 p.m of the KG26 to celebrate Christmas bomb squadron of the Luftwaffe (Beauvais-Tillé site) in the canteen of the Jeanne-Hachette high school”. School a few meters from the famous home of the Amyot d’Inville family.

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