Bagnols: Eight pool sessions for kids to learn how to swim

The municipal council confirmed this Wednesday, March 30 evening, the signing of an agreement allowing students of the preparatory course to benefit from swimming lessons from September 2022.

From September 2022, preparatory course children from Bagnols-sur-Cèze schools will be entitled to swimming lessons.

The announcement was unanimously confirmed and formalized by the municipal council this Wednesday, March 30. Every child benefits from a cycle of 8 learning units.

A terminology that the opposition group Rassemblons Bagnols nevertheless contradicted. “Better speak of initiation” The local councilor and certified lifeguard Jean Louis Morelli suggested that this should be considered “that parents should not lead them to believe that their child can swim after 8 sessions”.

A welcome initiative

However, the opponent, as well as Mayor Jean-Yves Chapelet, welcomed this action, which was launched at the initiative of the Deputy Delegate for Education, Educational Success and Secularism Christine Muccio and the Director of School Affairs, Nathalie Ledoux.

Mayor Jean Yves Chapelet shares the experience of a march held as part of the truancy program set up during the school holidays to keep children welcome at school.

Swimming workshops are held every afternoon. For two weeks, the children go to the swimming pool every day with the lifeguards.

“We observed relieves the aedile, that after 8 days all children can swim. There is the number of sessions, but there is also their timing. If we do a session every 3 months, it’s obvious that we lose all the benefits of learning.”

Another opposition figure, Alain Pommier, appreciated that “To learn to swim, a child needs 15 lessons”. For the chosen one “if the device has the virtue of having to exist, it is unsatisfactory in relation to the existing need”.

Alain Pommier considers this situation “inevitably raises questions about the construction or refurbishment of a Pool for swimming and discipline learning. This pool needs to be covered and heated.”.

The elected member of the Rassemblons Bagnols group “a reflection on this subject in the Agglo du Gard Rhodanien”. The President of the Board and Municipal Council of Bagnols-sur-Cèze, former Mayor Jean-Christian Rey, confirmed that a working group based on the swimming pool.

But he also provided his own analysis of this file. “To this day we do not know whether the equipment should be covered or not, heated or not, whether it should be fun, educational, touristic, associative, sporting, competitive, open in winter or all year round. All these questions are discussed “ explains the President of the Agglo.

The working group should present its results by the end of the year. “ The idea is that we get answers with the National Swim Committee, which has a departmental version and which also has the resources to support communities. Tell us what kind of structure is needed for an area with 76,000 inhabitants. All questions are on the table”, adds Jean-Christian Rey. The elected representative of the territory visited the Olympic swimming pool on the Marseille-Avignon road. He obviously liked the installation.

“It’s been renovated, it’s been uncovered and it’s used all year round. It’s heated. They reduced the depth of the pool. It’s a Nordic Olympic pool of 50m, heated to 29° with 1.40m of bottom.” The equipment accommodates children in summer camps from the age of 5 or even 6 years.

Clearly, it’s premature for Jean-Christian Rey to step on a model. “Before you decide what investments to make, you must first know what you want.”

Access to free time for CP students

The action, which allows children in the preparatory course (CP) to benefit from a cycle of 8 learning sessions, is the subject of the signing of an agreement between the city of Bagnols-sur-Cèze, the national education system and SAS Piscine Eauccitane “a private company based on the territory that has the necessary equipment“, underlined the rapporteur of consultation no. 22, Christine Muccio, on Wednesday evening.

This action is part of a territorial education project whose aim is to allow children access to leisure and activities offered by the city’s sports and cultural associations.

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