Bacon: Can We Eat It During Pregnancy?

Our expert: Juliette Teyletche, dietitian and nutritionist in Toulouse

Nothing beats preparing a Sunday morning full English breakfast with toast, eggs and of course the traditional bacon. Referring to boneless, salted and smoked pork tenderloin, this very popular charcuterie across the English Channel, is it recommended for moms-to-be? Or do they have to sit out nine months?

Sausages, ham, chorizo, mortadella, pâté… Can you eat cold cuts when pregnant?

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy a plate of charcuterie when pregnant, but be careful, not just any plate.

The risk of toxoplasmosis

“Will the expectant mother receive a negative result for the toxoplasmosisafter the serological tests carried out at the beginning of the pregnancy, the result of which means that she is not immune and must therefore refrain from eating raw food until the baby is born,” recommends Juliette Teyletche, dietician and nutritionist who looks after pregnant and breastfeeding women in his practice in Toulouse.

Toxoplasmosis is a disease transmitted by a parasite that is found in soil and water and can therefore contaminate vegetables and herbivorous animals. Pregnant women become infected by eating poorly washed vegetables or raw or undercooked meat, as well as by direct contact with cats, the preferred hosts of this parasite. While the symptoms are usually limited to a little fever for the mother-to-be, toxoplasmosis can cause one miscarriage or affect fetal development.

Uncooked sausage products should therefore be banned from the plate. As the name suggests, it is raw ham, but also sausage and chorizo. If in doubt and if you have a strong urge, it is better to ask your doctor or gynecologist before eating cold cuts.

The risk of listeriosis

« If the expectant mother is immune to toxoplasmosis, then she should do so immediately even pay attention to the risk of listeriosis. Listeria is a bacterium that thrives in humid environments and can survive in a refrigerator ‘ explains Juliette Teyletche. When infected, the expectant mother has flu-like symptoms as well as nausea and even vomiting. The greatest risk is a miscarriage or a premature birth. If the bacteria are transmitted to the baby, this can also have consequences for the development of his brain.

Other diseases related to the consumption of cured meats

« the salmonellosis can infect the expectant mother who consumes raw food, dairy products or meat. The symptoms are reminiscent of Gastro. The main risk for the mother is therefore dehydration. says Juliette Teyletche. There is also, and this is more serious, a risk of miscarriage, birth defects and various pathologies for the fetus. ” The only way to kill them salmonella is to cook well ».

the botulism may in turn contract after eating salted, canned, or vacuum-packed foods. A bacterium has developed in these poorly sterilized foods. The expectant mother shows various symptoms: blurred vision, facial paralysis, dry mouth, vomiting… Fortunately, the risk of this disease also infecting the fetus is low. In most cases, the toxin does not cross the placenta. If the diagnosis is made early, the risks to the mother are minimal.

Can a pregnant woman eat bacon?

It’s entirely possible to enjoy a few slices of bacon while pregnant, provided you cook them well, or re-cook them to avoid any risk. ” It should not be eaten raw even if we are sure of its qualityrecommends Juliette Teyletche.

Is Sous Vide Bacon Less Risky?

Sous vide bacon, like classic bacon, poses no danger to the baby as long as it is well preserved. We respect the expiration date and once opened, eat it quickly after cooking.

Quid du Bacon de Dinde?

It’s the same: as long as it’s cooked through, there’s no problem!

What sausage products for a pregnant woman?

It is better to limit yourself to cooked products or even to re-cook them, for example on a raclette grill, so as not to risk the baby. ” Pregnant women can eat cooked ham, mortadella, black pudding and bacon if they are well preserved and as long as they have not been in contact with raw foods, especially meat. advises Juliette Teyletche.

The positive contributions of cured meats during pregnancy… and their black spots

« Like all meats, cured meats provide protein, vitamin B12, which contributes to proper red blood cell formation and immune system function, notes Juliette Teyletche. On the other hand, it is rich in fatty and saturated acids, and high in salt, which is not good for high blood pressure. We must also pay attention to cholesterol, especially since it tends to increase during pregnancy.. »

We therefore limit our sausage consumption to a maximum of 50 grams per day. This should be part of a balanced diet. ” It’s not about escaping for nine months, reassures Juliette Teyletche. Pregnancy is not a diet. You just have to pay a little attention to make the baby’s development go as smoothly as possible. And if one Eating is not recommended or forbiddentell yourself it’s only for a few months and refocus on that magical encounter down the road. »

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