Babysitter burns baby’s feet out of boredom

You may be wondering why a person would offer to be a babysitter if they have no patience with children. It’s even worse when the person you’re entrusting your child to turns out to have a touch of insanity that puts them in danger. The Objeko editorial team invites you to discover this horrifying story that took place in the United States, including an evil babysitter who doesn’t hesitate to abuse the child in her care. Sensitive souls abstain.

A babysitter who does the unimaginable

The facts the Objeko editorial team is bringing to you today took place in Maryland, USA. The story of this demonic babysitter starts out quite mundane. Ismelda Ramos Mendoza, 36, often babysits. She is well known in the community and appears to be a confident woman. And yet she was the author of an absolutely horrific crime. In fact, the young woman was arrested for child molestation after displaying the highest level of incompetence in her childcare work.

She had been asked to look after a six-month-old girl. It wasn’t the first time either. But instead of going about her job as a babysitter and taking care of the child in her care, she decided to burn the child’s feet. All for one of the most pointless reasons.

Ismelda Ramos Mendoza cooked tortillas in a pan while the baby cried inconsolably. After all, that’s completely normal for his age. The babysitter couldn’t stop the baby from crying, lost control and freaked out. She took the baby and put her feet in a hot pot. Worse, she then carried on, despite the infant’s cries of pain, as if nothing had happened.

The next morning, the mother saw redness on her baby’s feet. Ismelda Ramos Mendoza denied knowing what could have happened and so went to see a pediatrician to find out more. The latter called 911, the police number…

Shocked family and neighbors

According to the indictment, the babysitter first told investigators that the baby’s feet accidentally came into contact with a warm tortilla in her hand. But the police didn’t take the bait and directly challenged his version of the facts.

« The burns were severe and did not appear to be accidental‘ said investigative officer Stone. Police say Ismelda Ramos Mendoza later confessed to burning the baby with a cast-iron tortilla pan.

Doctors treated the six-month-old girl for second-degree burns on the soles of her feet and toes.

« With all due respect, I don’t think she had to do that.said Maria Vivar, a neighbor of the unhappy couple, who saw her baby badly burned. ” The baby doesn’t deserve it.“. Maria Vivar described Ismelda Ramos Mendoza and her family as trustworthy people.

« He is a good mansaid Numan Morales, the babysitter’s neighbor who is also her pastor. ” I do not know what happened. “. Morales, the pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God in Hyattsville, says he has trouble believing the allegations.” I’ve known her for a long time, maybe 15 years“, he says. But the facts are there, and they are undeniable.

The babysitter in prison

After two days in the hospital, the infant was able to recover, police said. Her injuries were not life-threatening and it appears the little girl will not suffer any sequelae in the future.

The babysitter is currently in custody. She faces charges of child abuse, assault and endangerment of others.

When the local press asked for testimony, no one answered the door at her home. Investigators say her two daughters are now with relatives. The police are now investigating whether there have been other cases of abuse in the past. The investigations are therefore ongoing.

Maria Vivar, herself the mother of a five-month-old girl, is trying to understand all this. ” I thought how can such people exist in this world? She asks. ” She looked like an innocent woman. I didn’t think she was capable of this. “. Like, it’s better to be careful about the people you choose to babysit….

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