Baby yoga or baby yoga: positions and benefits for our child

Poses of the cat, the dog, the little koala… Discover the different yoga positions that babies can do, but also those that you can practice with them. Two is more fun!

Why yoga between parents and children?

But by the way: what is yoga? First of all, a philosophy of life that offers serenity and harmony. If you observe the baby you will see that this activity is innate in him. Uh yes! From the first months of life, a child is constantly on the move and looking for balance. Through their gestures, your child is constantly stretching and adopting postures… from yoga! The ones we have, we adults, have a hard time procreating! Playing with the mobility of his limbs seems to have become second nature to him. We just have to guide him a little so that he focuses on his breathing and manages to relax well thanks to these small exercises. The best thing is to bring yoga as a game: we encourage it to imitate with us the flower or the stone, make the star, think of yourself as a mill…

What are the yoga positions for a baby?

  • Wake Up Stretching Session!
    Oust, we’re getting out of bed! Yes, but first the baby stretches, and not just kinda! We yawn, legs stretched out to the tips of our toes, our heads buried in the mattress and our chins tucked back. This causes his chest to open and his stomach to be sucked in under the effect of the stretch. When our child is a bit bigger, it can stand up by itself in cat positiona pose familiar to yoga parents: forearms on the mattress, knees bent and buttocks back (as shown), which perfectly stretches your back, head and arms!
  • The position of the Sphinx
    As your baby begins to explore the world around them, they will begin to crawl. However, it is a complicated stretching exercise for him because he has to carry a lot of weight. It’s not easy to move forward when your pelvis and head are so heavy! But baby always manages and then turns into a real little sphinx with hands and feet like suction cups to help it move around.
  • Baby sits below
    Attention: Baby doesn’t have to sit down before his time, otherwise he’ll definitely do somersaults! The sitting position should be natural and therefore come naturally. But when that step is done, it’s magic! One thing is for sure, your child will not be practicing lotus sitting, but rather adopting the butterfly pose with legs more or less bent and feet together, or that of the little Indian sitting with only one leg bent and the other stretched out, or bent forward. Thanks to these postures, your baby will be stable.
  • Yoga before bed
    At bedtime, your toddler will lie on his back with his spine completely flat and his arms coming to rest over his head. In this position, your child stretches his stomach and relaxation is guaranteed!

The benefits of yoga for toddlers 18 months and older

Yoga class over? Your little one will definitely be less excited and much more alert ! Yoga will even affect his psyche. Being aware of his body, called ‘proprioception’, increases his confidence and how far he can go without putting himself in danger. Yoga will also allow him to develop better motor coordination. Learning to work on your breathing will also energize your baby’s whole body. Last but not least, Being good in our bodies helps us feel comfortable with othersand that, baby feel it too!

And for you, dear parents, what a comforting feeling to see what your child can do! To maximize the effects of yoga, remember to let your toddler develop calmly. Baby grows effortlessly, so there’s no need for constant stimulation! Above all, he needs your love, your arms and your confident gaze.

There is no age to start, but since yoga postures require a certain sense of balance, we’re talking about gentle gymnastics rather than yoga 18 months ago. This does not prevent teaching the baby to stretch or giving him massages!

Learn the movements of postnatal yoga

Some classes offer group postnatal yoga practices designed for postpartum mothers and their babies aged 3-4 months. Already great since they can help us to meet new mothers who are facing the same difficulties as us, these postnatal yoga classes are also welcome to relax and unwind help us to reclaim our bodywhile continuing to bond with the baby!

Whether in a class or in our living room on a yoga mat mom and baby must have wear a comfortable outfit and be in a well heated room, at least 22°C. We make sure to feed the baby an hour before and change it just before our session.

First we lie on our backs with our baby also on his back next to us and we put our hands on his stomach while breathing deeply. Baby should attract our attention and align his breathing with ours. Once we have calmed down well, we can move on to several movements such as rocking or crossing. The first allows in particular to massage the back and the second to relieve our child’s flatulence. Of course, yoga can also be practiced between babies and dads!

Testimonial: A mother talks about her 2-year-old daughter’s yoga classes

After taking yoga classes during her pregnancy and after giving birth, Caroline, mother of a 2-year-old girl, wanted her daughter to try it. ” Since my daughter is very active and doesn’t tend to nap, I thought this might give her some balance, teach him to relax and be calmer “, she says. That’s why she signed her up for a 30-minute yoga class per week from the start of the school year in September.

Results ? ” Unlike half the other kids in those yoga classes, it hasn’t affected his behavior so far, including his refusal to take naps and his boundless energy. She approaches the world in a new way. In yoga we start from a concept. The concept is explained to the child and asked to apply it. She tackles new things, things that I would not have believed her capable of, but which she integrates very well. I’m totally blown away! For example, since September we have been working on breathing, relaxation and tone, parts of the body… In the evening or on the following days, she talks about it again and repeats the exercises. She is very proud to share this with her brothers and father. She’s not the one we teach anymore! ‘ says Caroline.

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