baby spoiled by a sublime gift from the team at The Voice

Ever since his first TV, Amel Bent has been breaking records! trainer at The voice, she’s blossoming like never before. Will this baby change everything?

Amel bent over in shock!

It seems a long time since Amel Bent wanted to join the cast of M6. Next, objecto remembers that it started badly. Remember, Dove Attia thinks she’s just good at… karaoke! Luckily for her, others recognized her talent right away and offered her a chance on a set. We control the rest at the touch of a finger. She is much better known than this season’s winner. For those who haven’t seen it, know that this program has brought to light nuggets like Christophe Willem and Julien Doré!

A few decades later, she finds herself in the red armchair from The voice. In order to accompany her foals as well as possible, she has to face the facts. This year, she couldn’t ensure that throughout the show. At the time of filming, she is pregnant. Through calculation, TF1 realizes that there is a high probability that she will give birth during the fights. How will the two parties get along?

His son, his cattle!

This isn’t the first time Amel Bent has donned her mommy suit. The eldest Sofia has just celebrated her sixth birthday. As for his second Hana, it arrives barely two years later. Certainly, the singer’s everyday life was not easy to cope with. Between touring and the many legal ordeals of her lover Patrick Antonelli, she had to redouble her efforts. Modest, she never talks about that time. Always optimistic, she prefers to devote herself to the education of her princesses as well as to her singing projects. It’s all for his credit!

During the pandemic, Amel Bent understands she’s pregnant. Certainly the next few months will be more complicated than ever. Like her BFF Vitaa, she doesn’t want the Covid upsetting her precious balance. It has been a few days since fans waited for the appearance of this brave knight in the world. Taking care to protect her little hero’s face, she takes her best pen and explains. ” I am happy and moved to announce the birth of my little prince. Fit and healthy thank goodness. »

Amel Bent recovers against The Voice!

On the web, she is considered a big sister at work. Today she would like to say thank you to these anonymous people “for all your messages of love and kindness throughout this pregnancy that I have shared with you. » She takes the opportunity to tell them that she will follow the doctors’ orders. “Now a little rest and lots of hugs before we meet againright Additionally, TF1 faces a textbook case when it comes to future dating with his admirers. With Florent Pagny in chemotherapy and the singer of Aim for the moon busy changing diapers and giving the bottle, who can replace them? As you can see in the photo above, Patrick Fiori and Louana have the opportunity to do a little training before filming The Children of the Voice !

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) amelbent

From time to time, Amel Bent shows his joy on his Instagram account. Certainly we will not have a peek behind the scenes, let alone access the ulcers of the one that occupies his days and nights. Often interrupted by the arrival of the postman, the packages follow one another and yet are not the same. As proof this magnificent box Good point comes from a band of chic and shock. The ones they “the The Voice family » does not seem to be annoyed by his absence, on the contrary. In fact, the word that accompanies it is almost as collectible as the outfits! ” Dear Amel, all the teams of The Voice of ITV Studios France share your joy and congratulate you on the birth of your baby boy. With all our friendship. ” Wow! objecto has stars in her eyes… We love it!

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