baby got the covid? His parents are positive? Everything you need to know


It only takes one positive test for family life to be turned upside down at this time of the 5th wave of Covid. With the Omicron variant, the contamination count remains high – although there is good news from the Amiens Academy where contamination is slowing down – and the (bad) chances of becoming contaminated are high.

If testing is commonplace for children, teens, and high school students, if vaccinations are available for over 5-year-olds, what about babies and toddlers? What about her family? Here’s what you need to know.

1/ Covid in a baby, how to recognize it?

You just tested positive, so your whole household is in touch. So you need to get tested. A quick look at the Social Security website, Ameli says you need to take an antigen test. But be careful if your child is under the age of three!

In fact, for the youngest and especially babies, no PCR, antigen or automated self-tests. You should seek the advice of your doctor, as there are medical risks involved in nose tests on little ones. The small guide to the nasal self-test for children even states in red: ”
Self-test is not allowed

» within 3 years.

The ideal, according to the High Health Authority, is Conduct a saliva test, which is less invasive and easier for the toddler to accept.

2/ Baby is positive for Covid

Does your baby have a fever? Is he coughing or having trouble breathing? A test will not be a luxury to rule out any suspicion of Covid-19. Other possible symptoms: indigestion.

UNICEF states that ”
For example, infants may present with difficulty feeding, rapid breathing, and a lethargic state


If the test is positive, don’t panic. ”
The priority is to calm the toddler down! The doctor or pediatrician will prescribe something to treat the symptoms. We remember to wash our noses and split meals. But above all, we cuddle with him, we talk to him, we listen to him and follow his rhythm.
“Explains Dr. Solange Moore, pediatrician at the Parc de Saint-Saulve polyclinic and referral pediatrician for crèches in Feignie in the North, our colleagues from La Voix du Nord.

If you are breastfeeding your babyShe should continue to breastfeed, recommends Unicef. And you can also continue if you are the one who has the Covid.

3/ Baby escaped the covid

One of the parents is positive, but the baby is not. Good news for the little one? Yes and no. Because he is advised by social security, Unicef ​​​​and family doctors Wear a mask if you test positive. Of course, your little kid can’t wear one.

If the mask, which is changed regularly to be effective, protects your child from the virus, it poses another problem. An infant, a baby who is a year or a little older, may not understand why his parents suddenly wear a mask.

A mum who tested positive for Covid shortly after dad says: “
My 18 month old daughter has had a hard time seeing us wearing a mask every day during the isolation period
“. And to add:
That means: no kisses, no smiles, no moving lips to learn to speak…


A situation put into perspective by Dr. Solange Moore interviewed by La Voix du Nord: “TheThe mask bothers us as adults, but when confronted with babies we see that many things go beyond looks, intonation


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