Baby books: our favourites!

Already from the 6th month, the baby hears the voice of his relatives in the womb and gets used to hearing his native language. You’re never too young to read a bit, and bonding moments are a real treat for both adults and babies when they’re reading a book together.

From what age can I read books to my baby?

A toddler can start gaining pounds at around 4/5 months. He will play with it as if it were a toy. He will chew, throw and hit them, this is normal, just make sure the books are appropriate for his age. Opt for tear-resistant materials, rounded edges so he doesn’t hurt himself (or his entourage if he throws it!). Cloth or laminated books are perfect!

What are the benefits of books for babies?

The benefits of books for babies are numerous, especially for their development. Watching toddlers turn the pages and repeat the gestures is incredible, especially for their fine motor skills! Black and white books promote the child’s visual development. Not to mention sharing when an adult (or why not their big brother or sister) takes the time to read them a story. It’s time for first looks, first smiles, laughs, songs… it’s up to you to set the tone! It can also be a moment of relaxation, before a nap or during the sleep ritual. A soft and soothing voice to plunge into the arms of Morpheus.

Let him explore the book as he pleases, he will touch it with his little fingers and surely bring it to his mouth… When you tell the story, imitate the screams and sounds of animals, tractors, repeat over and over again sounds and words. Give your reading a lot of expression, change your voice, make gestures, exaggerate your facial expressions. You can even use a puppet to make a book character talk. For young children, the book is a great source of entertainment.


My first collection of children’s songs


baby bear

A pretty book in embroidered fabric enriched with crispy paper and a pretty rattle! The tender universe of a very soft little teddy bear to discover. A soft and warm story brought to life with a pretty velvet rattle.

Baby bear, Francesca Ferri, Glénat Jeunesse, €14.90.


Baby Squirrel Casterman

“Doll” books grab babies’ attention for stimulating and fun reading. The toddler quickly becomes a very enthusiastic actor in a first interactive read in a book that he or she can own.

Baby Squirrel, Yu-Hsuan Huang, Casterman, €6.95.


My very big awakening book – Good night animals!

A giant book in collaboration with UNICEF to discover the secret life of animals, the time of an evening. From dinner to reading through the toilet in the evening, the funny animals guide the child every step before bed. Thanks to many hands-on materials, a mirror and flappers, the child actively participates in this fun evening.

My very big awakening book – Good night animals! Michelle Carlsund, Auzou, €24.95.


baby bath

Learning becomes a game with this bathing book even when bathing. By identifying and recognizing the objects that are part of this daily ritual, the child will learn new words thanks to a simple layout and very realistic photos.

baby bath,


My mini books for singing in the bath

Three mini books, My First Nursery Rhymes, My Animal Nursery Rhymes and My Evening Nursery Rhymes, each book containing 3 nursery rhymes. All the popular nursery rhymes are included, from A green mouse to Au Clair de la lune to Meunier Tu Dors…

My mini books for singing in the bath, Deux Coqs d’Or, €10.


Visual Quiet Book

The bright colors and high-contrast background attract baby’s attention. The black and white patterns also help babies develop their attentiveness and ability to concentrate. The sound of crumpled paper is always a sure bet and the different hands-on materials make this book a real playmate. There’s also a mirror to look at, which will fascinate little ones aged 6-12 months!

Visual Quiet Book, Beiens, €14.99.


Little owl A day with mom

This book is the first story for baby signers (from 6 months) and their parents! Little Owl is happy because he spends all day with mom… just the two of them. The story is explained and illustrated very sweetly with 29 characters (mom, cuddly toy, tired, happy, etc.). This book is intended for all audiences, hearing or not. The autographed video of the story is offered as a bonus.

Little Owl A Day with Mama, EFA Editions, Valérie Scherma & Anaëlle Rousseau, €11.90


Taf Toys North Pole Activity Book

A soft baby activity book for use in the cradle, stroller or tummy time. page 1 has contrasting colors, mirrors and designs and vice versa rich in colors with different fabric touches and activities like a teether.

North Pole Activity Book, Taf Toys, €16.99.


Cuckoo Jungle Jellyfish Cat

An awakening book to learn who owns the cocks that go beyond the book … Little ones love it!

Cuckoo Jungle, Jellycat, €19.90

And for mini readers who enjoyed it:

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