Aveyron: When collectors grab all the Pokémon cards without leaving anything for the kids

Pokémon has been around for 25 years and still fascinates the youngest ones… like collectors who clear entire shelves to resell the cards.

In 2021, Pokémon celebrated its 25th anniversary and the little pocket monsters are far from extinct. In recent years, the cards have made a name for themselves mainly because of the inestimable value of some of them: for example, in February 2022, a card with the image of Pikachu was sold at a record auction for $900,000…

Final sale price: $900,000

An all-time public sales record for any Pokémon card. pic.twitter.com/BgO9yPA42I

— Goldin (@GoldinCo) February 24, 2022

Numbers that make you dizzy and push the fun into the background. There are indeed children on the one hand and adults willing to buy tickets for hundreds of euros for speculative purposes. “It was crazy at the end of the year. We already had collectors visiting who bought a whole department as soon as the store opened,” says an employee of the JouéClub in Rodez. “In October, for Pokemon’s birthday, they released boxes of cards that had some value, they were ripped off.”

The store then decided to remove the Pokémon cards from the shelves so one person wouldn’t come and snag everything in a matter of seconds. “You had to book by phone or in store, and we sometimes limited boxes to one per person.” Inquiries continued until the Christmas holidays. But for a few weeks now, the cards have been back on the JouéClub shelves. “It’s calmed down a bit, but hey… Our last box is sold here for 50 euros, but connoisseurs can try to resell it for 200 euros…”.

“Buy them all!”

By trying to catch them all, we end up leaving nothing for the others. “Last Christmas, we miraculously managed to get Pokémon cards from our supplier, we were happy,” recalls Stéphanie Ricard of the Place de la Cité tobacconist in Rodez. “We sold a few, then someone came and bought all 35 card sleeves at once.” And since then it’s been impossible to get your hands on new cards for tobacco: “Our supplier, who specializes in importing Pokémon products informed us that he could no longer accept new professional clients. Awesome!”

On the tobacco side of the Maison de la Presse in Rodez, Lionel Bec now refuses to sell whole boxes of tickets to adults. “They are worth 250-300 euros, and a few hours later we find them on the internet for 400-500 euros. We still have a clientele of children, it bothered us a lot when we suddenly sold. Little ones, it was a big.” disappointment every time.”

“Do you weigh the card boxes?”

Last Saturday alone, a customer came to ask Lionel Bec if he “weighed the boxes.” “According to this man, a very rare card in the box is a few grams heavier. I don’t know if that’s true, but he seemed to think so. We’re here anyway!”. Everyone hopes to discover the card worth its weight in gold to make the most money out of it. “While Pokémon cards are primarily aimed at children… So we now have one cover per person, and even better if a child draws the best card.”

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