Aude: He sows fear in his family by wielding a chainsaw

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This Thursday, March 24, a 28-year-old farmer was on trial for the first time to answer charges of violence and death threats against his partner, but also his uncle.

On Thursday March 24, after two nights in the pre-trial detention center, Jérémy, under police escort, came to the court bar to answer “Violence Without Incompetence” on his companion, as well “Violence compounded by two circumstances (drunk and with a chainsaw) followed by an inability to work for more than eight days on his uncle. He was also accused of death threats and willful degradation of someone else’s property with minor damage to property.

We are in the middle of the country, on the family estate where Jérémy lives with his father, his partner and their two children. His aunt and uncle live about a hundred meters away. We are in Ribouisse, southwest of Castelnaudary. When he returned home drunk around 9pm on Saturday March 20, it was the accusations from his companion that made him stagger. Especially when she called her mother to pick her up. A heated argument ensues. Then the tone rose again, with the threat: “I will kill you if you go!”

Alarmed, the aunt quickly finds herself in the middle of this surreal scene. She slaps Jeremy across the face, but that doesn’t really calm things down. He then goes into the garage, where he finds the only one of the two chainsaws that works. He comes out and wields it as death threats erupt.

They had all escaped into the car when the uncle arrives and manages to gas Jeremy knocking over the chainsaw. As they fall, the machine miraculously touches the thigh of their uncle…who escapes with 10 days of ITT for a broken finger. Finally mastered, at one o’clock in the morning Jérémy will go live again after drinking. His companion has to lock herself in the children’s room before she can escape and seek refuge with her aunt.

“I apologize for all the harm I’ve caused my family. I drank a little too much with my boyfriend, and the alcohol got me… There was also work fatigue, stress”, he continued. The chainsaw: “They were all against me, I wanted to scare them!” Seven rifles and two chainsaws were seized at his home. The deputy public prosecutor therefore applied to the public prosecutor’s office for 2 years imprisonment, 1 of which with a two-year suspended sentence, with continued imprisonment. For the defense, Me Quentin Poirot denounced Seynaeve “a quantum exorbitant”to the “a case in which much is based on the statements of the others”. To, “His family are here today to tell you he needs to come back…” At the end of its deliberations, the court finally followed the prosecutor’s demands, but did not issue a detention order. The solid part will be suitable for conversion.

“There were insults, but no death threats!”

The defendant’s companion, faithfully waiting for her companion to return to her, came right in her boots and faced the court to contest the death threats against her and say so“He never pointed a gun at her”. However, at her hearing at the premises of the Salles-sur-l’Hers Gendarmerie Brigade, she had indicated the opposite in her testimony, stating that her companion had told her: “I’ll pierce you, kill you if you go!” In court, she boasted that she had signed her statement without reading it again: “There were insults, but no death threats…” As a matter of fact, “We’ve been together for three years and things have been going really well for two years… We fight, like all couples do. If he drinks too much, he can’t hold his alcohol at all!” Perhaps a beginning of the explanation.

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