At the Limoges Academy, engineers for schools bridge the gap between education and business

This system has existed at national level since 1994. “We find that there is often a lack of knowledge about the company in relation to the functioning of the school and vice versa”, explains Jean-Luc Marissal, the only engineer for the Limoges Academy school (there are a fifty on the national territory) . . Our goal is to provide visibility and propose concrete actions to bring the two together. »

Executives with different caps

But what is an engineer for school? “This is the secondment of engineers and managers from large companies who are members of the “Engineers for School” system (often CAC 40 companies), continues Jean-Luc Marissal, himself HR Manager at Legrand in Limoges. Once in the system, we have the task of putting our professional experience at the service of the education system. »

Jean-Luc Marissal, who is still employed by Legrand, joined the Academy in January and saw his role diversify. And for these big companies, integrating the school business mission system and providing engineers is tantamount to corporate sponsorship.

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We wave flags

“I come with a Legrand cap, but I have to work in all areas, which makes my job very interesting.” Laurent Doucet, coordinator of the school business mission at the Limoges Academy and pilot of the engineers for the school, sees many in this Pros: “This system allows, for example, sectors in trouble to be upgraded with students, teachers and school leaders. We wave flags and try to find solutions together. »

Reviewed and sometimes corrected training

“Girls Day”, “S’cool Days” in universities and high schools, immersion days for students in companies, theme weeks on an area of ​​activity, there are many ways to bring education and business closer together.

‘We are trying to create a one-stop shop to find answers companies might ask about specific training courses or sectors of interest to specific institutions,’ continues the academic coordinator. Thanks to the work of the “engineers” and the school-business mission, the Limoges Academy is redesigning certain courses.

“We can recolor certain courses, upgrade this or that diploma or requalify certain courses,” says Laurent Doucet. This is an opportunity we have after noting the feedback, company needs and training opportunities. »

A link between two worlds that, on the one hand, has increased the demand for learning – “there has been a real boom in learning, reinforced by the health crisis”, according to Laurent Doucet “- and on the other hand a real vigil over the professions of tomorrow. “We are already thinking about working on the jobs of 2030, particularly in the automotive sector with appropriate training,” concludes Jean-Luc Marissal.

In short, the inspector multiplies the clues.

Thibaut Dailler

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