At Rosa-Parks College in Roubaix, “media education helps develop students’ critical thinking”

– Can you introduce yourself ?

“My name is Caroline Fromont. I am a history and geography teacher at a high school in the Pas-de-Calais and coordinator of the Clemi, Center for Media and Information Education, of the Lille Academy. My week is divided into my lessons and meetings, projects in schools with media professionals, further training courses that I also lead with other colleagues. »

– What is Clemi used for?

“The Clemi was founded in 1983. It is a service dependent on the Ministry of National Education and aims to develop school media; train teachers who set up media education activities; and also to promote the connection of schools with media professionals. Paris-based Clemi National creates resources for teachers and families. You can find them on the website »

“By working in the media class you learn to discuss, to listen to others, to disagree and to respect each other. »

– What do you think of media classes, especially at our university?

“Media education is very important because it teaches by doing. That is, practicing helps students understand media. As part of media lessons, students have the opportunity to meet journalists, work together and thus become aware of what information is. By working in media classes we learn to discuss, to listen to others, not necessarily to agree and to respect each other. Media education allows students to develop their identity as citizens. By working with media, students develop many skills. »

– Why is media literacy important?

“It is a cross-curricular education, all teachers can teach it. It refers to the values ​​of the republic, liberty, equality and fraternity. These lessons make it possible to improve the school climate by developing critical thinking and debate. »

what’s your voice

your voice is digital media for 13 to 17 year olds in the Nord – Pas-de-Calais region. He is present on: Instagram, @ta_voix; Snapchat, @lavoixdunord; Youtube, Ta Voix… And on the dedicated page of The Voice of the North“Your voice, information for teenagers”:

The medium doubles as Ta Voix #Creator, the tool for teenagers to create information. This system is used in colleges, high schools and structures that welcome young people to support teenagers in the production of journalistic content, which is then published and published on Ta Voix The Voice of the North.

In this school year, for example, a journalist is involved with the 5th media of the Rosa-Parks College in Roubaix.

Contact : Alicia Gaydier,, 06 66 13 16 91.

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