At Legrands, the passion for agricultural miniatures runs in the family

Hervé, Cyril and Benjamin collect miniature farm implements; they do them sometimes too. And on Saturday April 2nd and Sunday April 3rd 2022 they will exhibit their farm, ie 30 m² of fields and buildings, in Bolbec.

born in Paris,
in the middle of the buildings
”, the Legrands could have married a city destiny. ”
Our parents, natives of the Pays de Caux, moved to Lintot. So we started hanging out on the farms
says Hervé, 47 years old. When he hasn’t become a farmer – he’s a truck driver – it’s not uncommon for him to spend the weekend helping local farmers. The love for the land and for the cultivation of the land, this resident of Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Haie, has made it a passion and a collection: the agricultural miniatures that he shares with his brother Cyril, 41 years old, and her shares son Benjamin, 17.

The family will also take part in the exhibition of agricultural miniatures organized in Bolbec this weekend.

The earth is shaped by hand

The trio needs at least six hours to set up their farm, 30 m² of buildings and fields. Hervé, the pickiest, leaves nothing to chance. ”
The idea really is to stay as close to reality as possible. Towing hitches and attachments must be compatible. The cultures are not mixed in the fields. We also do not multiply tractor brands on farms, that would not be consistent
“, he explains. And depending on the season, the exposure is different: sowing in spring, harvest in summer.

In this large farm, the visitor discovers in particular a Norman house and two farms, one with livestock, the other with equipment. The sense of detail is taken to the extreme. Example with earth. It will be formed by hand on the day of the fair. And to make it look plowed, the colors are incorporated as well. The earth is mixed with washing-up liquid and olive oil; and according to proportion, its color is more or less dark.

At every exhibition
We try to use new elements and position the material differently
‘ continues Hervé Legrand. The choice is made from a collection of 200 tractors! There are also various models of plows, trucks, trailers … And of course flowers, a mailbox, small human motifs … Before leaving, the collector also prepares his model on paper. And, what’s even more amazing, takes the gear outside. ”
In reality, the tractors are not shiny, but covered in dirt and dust

“I go to the fields to take measurements”

The collection is enriched by acquisitions (new and used) but also by the creations of these do-it-yourselfers. It is often Benjamin who adheres to it. As a specialist in 3D construction, the young man builds the parts that the farm needs himself.”
Either the builders agree to give me the plans so I can reproduce the material, or I go to the fields to take the measurements and then reproduce in scale (1/32).
‘ the victim clarified. The 3D printer makes it possible ”
the most complicated shapes or those that require the greatest strength
“. The family also has parts that are not available on the market. ”
When we go to trade fairs, we like to show the know-how of our regionsays Herve Legrand. For example, the Guérin cattle truck from Gonneville-la-Mallet, which you won’t see anywhere else. Often the bosses of these companies are proud to see what is being done with their work.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 – 4:26 p.m

The Assominiparc, chaired by Stéphane Alleaume, is organizing its exhibition of agricultural and other miniatures on April 2nd and 3rd, 2022. But this year it will not only be about the world of agriculture: the association will also welcome Béatrice and her dollhouses, Serge and his Lego, Alain and his construction site, Sébastien with his firefighters and Alain and Monique with their scenes of peasant life , which will be included in the large family of exhibitors!

The Assominiparc also offers a new fun area where you can discover the control and handling of various radio-controlled and wired devices.

Entry: €3 (free for children under 12). Saturday from 2pm to 7pm and Sunday from 9am to 6pm Snack bar and sweets on site. Information: 06 20 73 71 17;

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