At least 39 dead including 4 children, Russian denial… what we know about Kramatorsk train station bombing


It was around 10 a.m. on the platforms of the Kramatorsk railway station in the Donbass region of southern Ukraine. As hundreds of civilians waited for a train to flee the fighting, two rockets fell on the station.

The record is once again terrible: at least 39 dead, including 4 children. Rescuers also identified nearly 100 injured.

The train station in Kramatorsk, the “capital” of Ukrainian-controlled Donbass, responded to the authorities’ call for evacuation “right away” The area was used for the evacuation of civilians from the area.

On Wednesday, April 6, Ukrainian authorities had urged residents of eastern Ukraine to evacuate the region “immediately” amid fears of a major and deadly offensive by the Russian army into the Donbass, now a priority target for the Kremlin.

The attack on the Kramatorsk train station in the Donbass claimed dozens of lives. Photo AFP.

A rocket with the inscription “For our children”

Among the dead bodies, debris and abandoned luggage, the remains of a rocket could still be seen, which read “For our children” in Russian. Information confirmed by AFP.

Zelensky’s charge

A few moments after the announcement of this new bombardment, the President of Ukraine condemned a “Evil Without Limits” unleashed by Russia and methods “inhuman”.

“Without the strength and courage to face us on the battlefield, they cynically annihilate the civilian population. It is an evil that knows no bounds. And if it’s not punished, it will never stop.”he wrote on Telegram.

EU convictions

European officials accused Russia of conducting an attack “terrible”. “Terrifying to see Russia hit one of the main stations used by civilians to evacuate the area where Russia is stepping up its attack”European Council President Charles Michel said on Twitter.

A victim of the Kramatorsk station in Donbass. Photo AFP.

EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, on his way to Kyiv, sentenced “Celebration” a “blind attack” guided “from Russia”. “This is yet another attempt to close the escape routes for those fleeing this unjust war and cause human suffering,” he said. he denounced on his Twitter account.

The Russians deny and blame the Ukrainians

Moscow immediately denied responsibility for the attack. “All the statements made by the representatives of the nationalist regime in Kyiv about the ‘rocket attack’ allegedly carried out by Russia on April 8 at the Kramatorsk railway station are a provocation and do not correspond at all to reality. On April 8, Russian troops had not planned an attack mission in Kramatorsk”, responded the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Kremlin also blamed the Ukrainians, citing the type of missile used in the attack. “The tactical Tochka-U missiles, the debris of which can be seen in the videos, are used only by the Ukrainian armed forces,” the Russian Defense Ministry accused in a press release quoted by the TASS news agency.

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