At Chartres court: A mother has been convicted after sending anonymous threatening messages

Simple neighborhood dispute? Desire for love thwarted? Questions about the actions of the mother of the family have not found an answer at the end of her trial in Chartres court.

Only one thing is certain: it has long been in open conflict with its neighbors in this place called Tillay-le-Peneux.

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For several months, the 51-year-old has been filing charges against her neighbors, whom she accuses of all evil. “Their children called mine with remarks that had a sexual connotation,” she assured the court. “Once the parents almost ran over my son with their car. »

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The mother of the family decided not to stop. She wrote threatening and insulting messages to herself.

“I’m sure they are my neighbors,” she denounced the Orgères-en-Beauce gendarmerie when they filed another complaint.

A case that the gendarmes take seriously, especially since some of the messages she allegedly received in her mailbox involved a gendarme dubbed “Big Blue”.

“I have a crush on him”

Telephone tapping, surveillance, installation of cameras, hearings of the twenty-one residents of the hamlet, handwriting analysis… Everything was done to identify the crow.

Especially as the news kept coming, more and more threatening and more and more insulting for the gendarme.

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The woman even denounced two physical assaults. One of the pilot and passenger of a mysterious “black scooter”, the other of a driver “with an oriental accent at the wheel of a white car”.

The woman was suspected when she mistakenly sent the police officer in charge of the investigation an email originally intended for one of her friends. “I think I’m getting sentimental,” she wrote. “The cop is driving me crazy. I have a huge crush on him. »

Taken into police custody, she finally confesses everything. “I could no longer bear to have my complaints dismissed. »

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She admits to having written ninety anonymous letters with the help of a normograph so that her handwriting would not be identified. She also admits to fabricating the attacks she claimed to be a victim of.

Accused of imaginary crimes and threats of crimes against the gendarme, the woman changes the version in court. “I only recognize fifty messages,” she assures, explaining that she did it “for my kids.”

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She denies being the author of the messages in which the gendarme is involved. Straight in her boots, glancing knowingly at her lawyer, she poses as the victim. “When a new investigator took over from the cop who had resigned from the case, he called me ‘madame la bitch.’ “Nevertheless, be careful what you say,” responds the President of the Hearing.

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She also denies the disappointment in love, since the gendarme did not pursue her advances. However, she accused him of wanting to kiss her violently, which the soldier vigorously defended at the hearing.

“It takes over the jurisdiction and justice for idiots,” the public prosecutor’s office annoyed. “You need to stop watching TV series and move on! »

The woman was sentenced to six months probation and a fine of 1,000 euros.
Since then, the gendarme has been transferred to southern France. The woman and her family too… 100 km from his home.

Jacques Joannopoulos

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