astons Daphnée de Gesquis, qualities valued in the family

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Daphnée de Gesquis, a Merens mare out of an Aston team, discovered FFE competition in a good way in March. In Uzès she won everything thanks to her qualities appreciated in the family.

At 14 months, Milo Carrière-Larue is already leading Daphnée de Gesquis on the longe. The Mérens mare will celebrate her 9th birthday in a few days, but the difference in age and size does not impress the child, shoes in the mud. His smile shows it.

Milo’s mother, Maëva Larue, got the mare for work two years ago from the Rouzaud family, owners of “Dadou”. Mathieu Carrière, her spouse, supports her on a daily basis. This is how Daphnée de Gesquis came to Mérens horse breeding from grandfather Carrière in Aston. A family story.

Looking at the mare, dressed in a blanket from neck to hock, Maëva Larue says: “I rode her in a team, then I appreciated her on the Sfet-Circuit (French equine society at work), of horse breeds from France. He made his debut in driving at the FFE (French Equestrian Federation) circuit in Uzès at the beginning of March.” From breeding to sport.

To the surprise of her two trainers from the Ariège, Daphnée de Gesquis “won everything” in the amateur competition from March 10th to 13th in the Gard: “She won the general classification and the three disciplines: dressage, agility and marathon, Maëva Larue smiles at you again stands in front of sport ponies, which underlines the Mérens breed.

The young mother was all the happier that “at first we weren’t sure whether Dadou could compete,” she recalls. “She was quite soft, then we put obstacles in her career and she played straight away. We were impressed.” Mathieu Carrière, the most skeptical at the time, adds: “I had doubts about her level but she surprises us. She is very, very cold, she is a warrior. Winning her first competition in Uzès is promising.”

For two years, Maëva Larue has discovered a “real athlete” who “knows how to save to perform better” and “turns into competition”. She lists the qualities of the mare: “She has a huge heart and a mind of steel.”

The mare used her good physical condition to perform on four days of competition. Maëva Larue refines it during 5 to 6 training sessions per week at Aston. “She doesn’t like having a week off, she says. She needs work, otherwise she’s sad, you can see that in her eyes.”

When she can count on Mathieu Carrière to replace her at work when necessary, Maëva Larue also benefits from the advice of a trainer, Sébastien Vincent, member of the French driver team. “We show him videos, he reacts and adjusts the work program accordingly. He’s my mentor, he gives me confidence.”

Like a top athlete, Daphnée de Gesquis has an osteopath, Benoît Descamps, and a masseuse, Carine Delbaere. Thanks to this team, which includes a veterinarian and a farrier, Maëva Larue hopes that “Dadou” will perform at “the next big event, the Saumur International Competition in June”. Milo will be his first backer.

A lack of Sherpa support

Maëva Larue and Mathieu Carrière are delighted with the support of Aston Town Hall, department and region, and regret the lack of consideration on the part of the federation of the Mérens breed, the Sherpa: “It doesn’t do anything on the sporting side, it’s a shame because it highlights the race.”

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