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You have been told that you suffered from asthenia during your pregnancy. But what exactly does this word mean? What is the difference to so-called normal tiredness?

Definition of asthenia

Anyone can at some point feel tired, for example after a bad night, after an intense physical effort or during a cold. “These are temporary fatigues normal and leave with a little pause“. When rest is no longer sufficient to suppress fatigue, or only partially suppresses it, we speak of abnormal fatigue or asthenia.

A person suffering from asthenia feels unable to perform tasks what she usually does. This results in painful feelings such as the feeling of exhaustion, “washed out”, “emptied out”…

asthenia is the consequence of a situation and can have various causes: sleep disorders, a stressful situation at work or at home, a chronic illness… Pregnancy is one of the causes that can produce extreme fatigue.

When does fatigue start during pregnancy?

the first and third trimester of pregnancy are the most strenuous; the expectant mother is often quite comfortable in the second trimester‘ says the gynecologist.

For most women Fatigue begins in the first few days or weeks of pregnancy! This is one of the symptoms that can let a woman know she is pregnant.

Why are we tired during pregnancy?

Fatigue in early pregnancy, first trimester

First is the body extremely stressed in the first weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the pregnancy is very often only known to the couple. During the pregnancy, the young woman must continue to work, take care of the children who are already there, take care of the transport… in the end, do everything as before!

There are also physiological explanations. at the beginning of pregnancy, the amount of progesterone in the blood is very high. This hormone has several essential functions. By relaxing vein walls, they can increase blood flow, which is necessary for increased gas exchange. It prevents contractions of the uterus to prevent premature birth. At the end of pregnancy, its rate decreases to allow birth. “But so is progesterone a hormone that promotes sleep it has a calming effect. That’s why pregnant women sometimes sleepy in early pregnancy.” explains the gynecologist

For women who are expecting multiple children or who have had children close together, a iron deficiency is common. Iron deficiency causes anemia, there are not enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to the tissues. The result is severe fatigue, especially under stress. The pregnant woman with iron deficiency is very quickly out of breath.

Also pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting tend to eat differently or very little. Reducing calorie intake can further increase fatigue.

Fatigue at the end of pregnancy, various causes

Fatigue usually subsides in the second trimester and then returns in the third trimester. In the third trimester, in the last weeks of pregnancy, weight gain becomes important and massive belly. Women are restricted in their movements and sometimes have trouble finding a position to fall asleep.

How to rest when pregnant?

Pregnant women should listen to each other and slow down before you get too exhausted! The body knows how to send signals to warn us when our level of fatigue is too high: irritability, tiredness, clumsiness…

It must be remembered that the Fatigue is normal during pregnancy. Don’t be ashamed of it! It’s not about saying, “I wanted this child, so now I’m taking it.” You have the right to decline an early bedtime invitation and ask for help!

How to fight fatigue with one or more children?

But how do you recover when you already have one or more children at home? Often Pregnant women do not dare to ask for help in early pregnancy because they want to keep it a secret. So put a trustworthy person in trust to be able to count on at least one or two other people if you are very tired!

How to deal with early pregnancy fatigue at work?

What if we work? Here, too, you can give a close colleague the confidence even your boss if you have a good relationship. A Telecommuting Day More during the week can make a big difference: no commuting, the ability to take a nap at lunchtime, peace of mind…

In some companies, a Organization of working time may be requested by the pregnant woman. In the public sector, for example, pregnant women benefit from one hour less work per day. That’s enough for maternity leave!

Request a work stoppage due to severe fatigue

If the fatigue is really too much, don’t hesitate discuss it with your doctor Your gynecologist or midwife at the monthly check-ups. A 15-day break from work might give you some breathing room.

The sleep of the pregnant woman

As your pregnancy progresses and your belly grows, finding a comfortable sleeping position for your body becomes more and more complicated!

sleep on your back

We sometimes hear that you shouldn’t sleep on your back during pregnancy. If this is a comfortable position for you, do not deprive yourself of it. For some women, this position can cause discomfort. If it isn’t, don’t try to change your position. The main thing is to sleep as well as possible gain power for the final phase: birth and encounter with the baby!

insomnia in pregnant women

Restless nights are common in pregnant women, especially during the first and last months of pregnancy (first and third trimesters) when she is most tired.

maybe expecting a baby source of fear and many questions, cause sleep disturbances. “L’is approaching the day of delivery is also a source of concern for women, especially if it is their first baby or if a previous birth went badly.‘ testifies doctor Dahan Saal.

With some women The fetus presses on the bladder, resulting in the mother wanting to urinate frequently and therefore getting up several times a night. Difficult to fall back asleep afterwards!

How to sleep well when pregnant?

To optimize your sleep, it is recommended to get up and go to bed regular opening hours. The bedroom should be dark and not too hot. Like when you’re not pregnant Avoid screens in the hour before bedtime. Relaxation exercises before going to bed will help you fall asleep. You can also take a nap in the afternoon if you like.

Eating too much at dinner can also cause insomnia. hold on regular physical activity during the day and A balanced diet.Staying hydrated is also beneficial.

in the third trimester, sleep on the left side can promote sleep by unblocking the vena cava. Some women also value a nursing pillow to fall asleep on your side, with the pillow between your legs and under your stomach.

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