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“We knit all the time. It’s really exhausting.” Gabrielle Daigremont takes a short break from her long day at work to report on the situation of several families on the island of Arz. “For the past year, we’ve taken turns looking after the babies. Solidarity works well, but I’ve exhausted my neighbor. We’ll manage, but at what cost! “Confesses the mother of two boys aged 19 months and 3.5 years. She does not hide her concern that the season is coming and that there is no solution for childcare in sight.

A galley shared by Guénolé, father of a one-year-old baby, which led him to change his activity. “We became a team of associates, not family! My wife was waiting for me to come home in the evening to go to work. Our rest days were staggered throughout the week. We’ve hardly seen each other. »

In recent years, the island of Arz has welcomed around twenty residents under the age of 40. Good news to comfort the little school. But there are also children under the age of 3: they are nine years old at the moment. Almost twelve. “And five families have plans for children,” explains Gabrielle. Even if, given the situation, Guénolé and his companion decided to wait a little longer.

The island has a part-time childminder. However, this is no longer sufficient to cover demand. E-mails, meetings between parents and elected representatives took place on this topic. On the premises of the town hall, a first call for help was forwarded in June: “Looking for a second maternal assistant”. No result found.

“It’s a new topic on the island, with short and long time,” explains Nadège Le Roux, first assistant. In the long term, elected officials are considering building a house for childminders on communal land. “We are working on a three-year project…” Ile-aux-Moines, the neighbor, was able to create a MAM in a few months in 2020. She had been able to adapt a room in the community private school.

The Ile d'Arz is a paradise for children.  Balancing work and childcare is a real headache for her parents.
The Ile d’Arz is a paradise for children. Balancing work and childcare is a real headache for her parents. (Gabrielle Daigremont)

Gabrielle Daigremont came up with different solutions: an au pair, home care… But then another problem of the island appeared: land pressure. After three and a half years on the rock, the young entrepreneur still has no year-round accommodation. She will be in a tent with her family this summer.

“Our hope for a shorter time is Jimmy Pahun’s amendment,” explains Nadège Le Roux. This law, the decrees of which were published in February, recognizes the peculiarities of the islands and can grant exceptions. “A childminder can only be placed at home or in a MAM. We hope for an exemption for a home with relatives. Even on the mainland it is not easy to find a childminder, but on the island it is impossible to try in neighboring towns.

When babies and elders are bonded

“These are parents who all work and for the good of all. There is also a link between caring for the little ones and caring for the elderly at home,” emphasizes Nadège Le Roux. In fact, it is these young workers who take care of the cleaning, the shopping for the elders… “We are launching a new appeal, also for the day care center,” pleads the first employee. “HLMs should be relieved, working with children on the island can be a calling,” breathes Guénolé. “Let’s be happy. It’s a problem of an island that is changing from a second home to an island of young workers. But in order to further encourage the settlement of young people, it needs to release this brake quickly.

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