Ariana Grande: Absent from the Grammy Awards to preserve her pregnancy?

By Solene V

– Posted on 4/4/2022 at 11:04 am

This Sunday, April 3rd, the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony took place in Las Vegas. An edition to which the singer Ariana Grande did not appear, despite three nominations. Why this absence? Would she want to preserve her possible pregnancy?

For over 50 years the Grammy Awards. The opportunity to reward and honor the best artists. And this 2022 edition brought many people together Las Vegas. But an important artist was not present. As a matter of fact, Ariana Grande not published for this 64th edition. And that despite three nominations. The two-time winner posted a message on Instagram to her community a few hours before the event to explain her absence. The interpreter of 7 rings decided not to participate. He leaves his fans heartbroken, in utter confusion. His message will be accompanied by several short videos that will be shown behind the scenes of his work. This is how we see his studios, the musicians and the teams that accompany him every day.

Ariana Grande written in the caption of these videos: “Some positional memorabilia in celebration of Grammy Day. Reflecting the amazing process, with so many creatives that I love and respect so much. I love this album so much. It’s an honor to be recognized today alongside so many brilliant and humane musicians that I love so much. Being there for each other, sharing our gifts and feeling heard… that’s not something that can be taken for granted. We’ve already won. Have a great time, celebrating you all out there today.”. A touching message that did not fail to move and react to its community. A wave of comments fell upon the publication of the a singer. Nevertheless, Ariana Grande didn’t reveal anything about the reasons for his absence…

Ariana Grande is missing due to pregnancy?

There have been rumors about potential for some time pregnancy go well. Since January 30, 2022, speculation on this topic has been appearing on the web. As a matter of fact, Ariana Grande had released a snapshot that left no room for doubt. We saw the singer there with a baby bump well pronounced. Unfortunately, the photo disappeared a few minutes later. The interpreter of One last time deleted it immediately. Is it voluntary? Is that a mistake on his part? In any case, she has been leaving her fans in absolute fog ever since. In those first days of April Ariana Grande has not yet made any announcement about a possible pregnancy. And his absence from Grammy Awards may well be related to it. If rumors are to be believed, she might have tried preserve pregnancy. Can we expect an upcoming announcement from the singer? Only the future will tell us.

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