Andjaro, this experienced software to better manage substitutes in national education

The Andjaro software is currently being tested in several French departments. It allows National Education to facilitate the replacement of absent teachers. The time saving is considerable.

Sandrine Garidi, Head of the Somme Teaching Staff Department, explains how the Andjaro software works.
Sandrine Garidi, Head of the Somme Teaching Staff Department, explains how the Andjaro software works. © Radio France / Sonia Princet

The Covid epidemic has shown it: Managing substitutions can quickly become a headache when many teachers are absent. A software developed by a private start-up helps to manage representations in companies. It is called Andjaro and is also used in national education for elementary schools. It has been tested for now in the Lot and Somme since May 2021 and in a dozen other departments since the school year began in September.

“One click alerts everyone”

In Amiens, in front of her computer, Sandrine Garidi, head of the department for teaching staff in the Somme, explains how it works and says that “It’s an easy to use application“. As soon as a teacher is absent, the information is entered into the Andjaro software. “For example this morningShe says, We have one missing at Dovecote School, it has been explained it is for a class of CM2. So, I’ll check, I’ll ask Andjaro for an available replacement. We click and the screen will show us the list of available people“. It is then the substitute manager who selects from the list.

As soon as she confirms the name, the representative will receive an email or an SMS with all the information: “the school where he should gosays Sandrine Garidi, the name of the person they need to replace, the grade level, the school hours, the school address and even the route“. The principal of the school that made the request will also be notified that a replacement will be arriving.”A single click alerts everyone instantly, adds Sandrine Garidi. It is important to inform the principal as soon as possible, as he is waiting to know if his school’s teacher will be replaced, obviously to inform the parents or to organize the distribution of the students if this is not the case..

“We can win today until 2:00-2:30”

This means that around 8:30 a.m. to a maximum of 8:40 a.m. everyone is seated. We can win until 2:00-2:30 today. adds Fabrice Decle, Secretary General of the Department of National Educational Services of the Somme. “Today, if you tell the constituency secretaries who manage the succession that we saw Andjaro and stop, they will cry! Because today they only have to make one or two phone calls compared to a hundred before. And as a rule, the students see the substitutions arriving much earlier than before.”

But the unions see it as somewhat dehumanized management. Remi Nucibella, representative of the Snuipp teachers’ union in the Somme, denounced “Notifications that hit the substitutes’ phones constantly and sometimes very late at night.” Nevertheless, he recognizes that some of his colleagues are satisfied because they have the information more quickly. But he regrets the lack of coordination at the beginning and the brutal implementation.

The difficulty in setting up the experiment was making Andjaro’s designers understand that we had a certain terminology in national education. recognizes Fabrice Decle. “We’re not talking about managers here. We’re not talking about missions. Indeed, there we encountered two worlds, that of business and that of state education, which were different and did not use the same terms..”

However, there is no substitute

With this system there is no longer a replacement. “We have some spare devices availableconfirms Sandrine Garidi, We are therefore obliged to make a selection according to the criteria we have set. For example, priority is given to small schools with fewer than four classes where the absent teacher’s students cannot be allocated to other classes, or schools where a school trip or a visit to the swimming pool is planned.”

There are also the special cases of more complex absences that have to be clarified directly by telephone.. Andjaro makes it possible to deal with the most urgent and simple absences faster, only in elementary schools. But it won’t solve the recurring problems of replacement in the national education system. This software simply saves time in the organization.

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