and offer them outdoor activities? It couldn’t be easier in spring!

In spring the beautiful days are back. For our greatest happiness and that of the children. However, it’s not always easy to convince them to leave their game console or smartphone behind and get some fresh air. What garden activities offer for children? What educational games can you invent to have a good time with your family? Free delivery from our stock of good ideas to get kids outside. It goes this way!

What gardening activities for children should be offered to them? The basics

Spring 2022 garden activity ideas for kids

Staying at home and finding ideas for outdoor activities on Wednesday afternoons with the kids isn’t always easy. Let’s take a look at some fun gardening activities that will allow them to discover and engage with nature in a fun way. Let’s go !

Clean up the garden

tidy up the garden with the kids

When the weather is nice, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get some elbow grease to spruce up your garden that has been hit hard by the rigors of winter. Start by picking up fallen leaves and branches. In addition, you can also teach children how to pull weeds, put mulch in the vegetable garden or simply water the plantations.

Garden activities Children cleaning the garden 2022

So many fun activities that always have great success. Once the garden is cleaned, go to the vegetable garden to harvest seasonal fruits and vegetables. Then to your recipes!

Garden Activities for Kids: Plant Seedlings!

Garden activities children spring 2022

Spring is the perfect time to tend the garden with seedlings to have tomatoes, green salads or crunchy radishes. It will also be an opportunity to educate your children about the benefits of fruits and vegetables for our health. Likewise, they will be very pleased to know the water requirements of each plantation. Not bad, right?

Think animals and insects

Building an insect hotel with the children 2022

Taking care of your plants and taking care of your lawn is important. However, the garden is not just a place for flowers and grass. Many animals and insects frolic there happily. In case of rain or wind, they can protect themselves with a shelter. Why not install a bird house or insect hotel? Likewise, nothing prevents you from brewing up a small pile of dead leaves outside your garden, the hedgehogs will thank you.

Find the names of insects and plants

Garden activities in the garden 2022

What a great learning experience to explain to your kids why certain aromatic or medicinal plants are useful in the garden and beneficial to our health. For example, it will be interesting to tell them about the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of daisies or orange blossoms to combat insomnia. Likewise, it will be a great opportunity to both teach them the vocabulary of the perfect little gardener and awaken their senses.

Garden Activities for Kids: Build a pond for fish

build a diy pond with the childrenjpg

How to install a pond with fish? First, get a shovel and a rake. Then dig a hole and install a special tarpaulin or plastic pool. For the fun part, let the kids have fun decorating the indoor and outdoor space as they like. You will no doubt be amazed!

What games to offer children?

Games for children in the garden spring 2022

Say goodbye to the TV, game console or telephone! Here are 5 outdoor games ideas to offer your kids and their friends to force them to poke their noses outside and let go of their connected objects.

A huge fourth power

Connect 4 Giant Garden 2022

Using pieces of wood, it is enough to build 6 rows and 7 columns on the lawn. Then either take pebbles of two different colors (light gray and dark grey) or paint them yellow and red like the board game pieces (42 in total). We trust you to respect the rules of this internationally renowned game!

Create huge bubbles

Blow giant bubbles garden activities kids

Making homemade giant bubbles with bubble liquid is also one of the most fun activities to do with the family on a nice summer afternoon. Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • four spoons of dish soap
  • a spoonful of cornstarch
  • a spoonful of powdered sugar
  • a glass of lukewarm water of about 25 cl

Who Makes the Biggest Bubble?

An alternative to kindergarten? Build a log house!

build a wooden hut with the children 2022

Build a wooden hut with planks behind a row of trees or in a corner of the garden so your child can have their own place by inviting their friends for tea or pretending to be an adventurer. Something tells us you’ll enjoy it too, right?

Imagine a treasure hunt

Spring 2022 scavenger hunt in the garden

Nice workout before Easter egg hunt, imagine a route with puzzles leading to a box full of candy or chocolate. For example, let’s say that the first clue is hidden under the apple tree, the second near the cherry tomato orchards, the third near the potato plants and we’ll let you imagine the rest…

Train too!

Sport routes activities gardening children 2022

Since physical maintenance is important, take the opportunity to use your green spaces for these purposes. Create a sports course! How? ‘Or what? Nothing very complicated. Why not organize events with pieces of wood while ensuring everyone’s physical integrity? Balancing on a large tree trunk, climbing a tree to retrieve objects are a few examples, among others… Outdoor gymnastics or yoga sessions are also best for them. And you too!

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