an investment education platform that finds and decodes stocks

When you want to invest in the stock market, it’s not always easy to know where to start. What are the most profitable companies? Which exchange is better to start on? So many questions that require many hours of research to find answers. To make your first investments easier, there is Tykr. The tool guides users through their journey by finding stocks for sale and explaining why they should or should not invest.

An easy-to-use tool

Tykr is a platform for novice investors. In the “Education” tab it is possible to train with the many educational resources available. There are some to understand the basics of investing or specific topics. Webinars and podcasts are also offered.

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Figure: Tycr.


Figure: Tycr.

Under the “Explore” tab, the user will find a complete dashboard with all key figures for listed companies. We can find the share price, the different stock markets (more than 30,000 are available on Tykr) or even the most commonly listed companies. This information is important for understanding where to start investing. The advantage is that the platform shows whether it makes sense to invest in a company or whether the price is too high.

By clicking on a company’s name, it is possible to view a graph of the price development of its shares. Tykr also gives a score: the higher it is, the safer the investment appears. This is one of the most important dates to know if it is relevant for an investment or not. It is also worth considering the other charts offered by the platform, in particular that of the return on investment (ROI), the evolution of the company’s turnover and the safety margin. To avoid unnecessary risks, an algorithm also analyzes the financial health of the organization.

While some terms may seem a bit confusing at first, don’t panic, Tykr explains each of them in an understandable way. In this way it is not necessary to look for information on the web, since each element is centralized and annotated. This saves time, especially when analyzing stocks, which initially takes several hours.

Currently, the tool is priced at $119 lifetime on the AppSumo marketplace instead of $900. The offer provides access to all features of the platform.

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