an expression to be forbidden after a collective

When a woman loses a baby in the womb, she is said to have had a miscarriage. A term to be banned, according to a group of women campaigning for this traumatic event so that a woman and her companion can be better cared for.

Every year 200,000 women in France suffer a miscarriage and one in four pregnancies ends badly in the first trimester. According to the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, which published a report based on 9 large studies in April 2021, 10.8% of women worldwide have had a miscarriage. A frightening number that shows the reality of a real subject of society collective miscarriage, real life who published a poignant comment in Le Monde newspaper on March 27.

Let’s put an end to the expression “having a miscarriage” that makes you feel guilty and invisible”

Judith Aquien, Fanny de Font-Réaulx, Mathilde Lemiesle, Sandra Lorenzo, Anna N’Diaye and Paloma Stefani, the six founders of the collective want the term miscarriage to be replaced by that of “natural termination of pregnancy”, to break the taboo surrounding this ordeal. Let’s finish with the miscarriage phrase that makes you feel guilty and invisible. Because nothing is false and everything is true. Because we “don’t cause miscarriages,” we suffer them‘ these women write, adding that ‘Natural abortion is still too common to be faced with a doctor telling us the event is “normal” without acknowledging its absolute uniqueness‘. “It is a time of fragility for women. For example, many of them say they have suffered obstetric violence. You may be poorly received in emergencies, less well considered. Especially since the care takes place in the maternity ward, where we are surrounded by round bellies‘ describes Sandra Lorenzo, one of the founders of the collective, in the Huffington Post.

Miscarriage Management: What is the Collective Demanding?

collective miscarriage, real life so ask them Setting up a national information campaign to raise French awareness of this sensitive issue. He also asks the establishment of a paid work stoppage of at least 3 days for women, but also their companions and the establishment of one psychological care reimbursed.

The collective would also like a booklet on natural abortion to be distributed in the maternity wards and to have this topic covered in sex education classes. Finally, the six founders are calling for midwives and obstetricians/gynecologists to be better trained and for the budget allocated to hospitals to support couples facing natural abortion to be increased. “The better we are accompanied, the more likely we are not to be traumatized” emphasizes Sandra Lorenzo, whose platform has been signed by a hundred personalities. A petition is available online to support the collective. To date, it has already collected more than 6,400 signatures.

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