An English woman, her children and a Scot “finally” voted in Cieutat on Sunday

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Becoming French brings rights and responsibilities. Four Cieutatois, already well integrated into the village, have settled their situation. Last Sunday, adults were finally able to vote for the presidential election.

Complicated to become French! Between the government brakes and the Covid, the urgency to escape the insane demands of Brexit has taken advantage and abused most patients. But in Cieutat, four citizens showed themselves combative and won the coveted “paper”. It lasted between 18 and 36 months.

British nationals of the village Justine Ball, their minor children Alvaro and Sofia and Scot Robert Jarvie already have their IDs in their pockets. They were able to vote for the first time last Sunday.

“Sure” after Brexit

Arriving in 2007, Justine and Javier brought their very young firstborn to a very cozy cradle in Cieutat, determined to live, work and extend the family in France after a trip around the world. In fact, Sofia arrived a few years later. “I’m an English and Spanish teacher,” explains the mother of the family, “I recently opened my training center “Also Langues” on rue Franklin in Bagnères 18 months of patience.” A course she calls a “combatant” even though she speaks perfect French, but collecting official documents, having them translated, passing the language test, it was nothing compared to the difficulty of making an appointment on the central platform.”Today we feel safe because Brexit has put doubts in our heads My parents, on the other hand, benefit from a 10-year residence permit.”

“Bob” the Scotsman

For his part, Robert Jarvie, drawn to the mountains and hiking within boot reach, came to the village in 2003. Naturalized just before the Covid, he had no chance of being officially admitted to the prefecture.

For him, the course was really complicated as the steps took three daunting years. He collected the birth certificates of his parents who were born in 1900 in the Scottish countryside, had these certificates translated in ink that had faded over time while trying to get an appointment, heard his appointment being canceled without reason, began the paid collection, travels to the prefecture of Toulouse The refusal to file a missing document (ultimately not essential) annoys Robert from the start, who realizes “fortunately I am married to a French woman, she took care of everything, I would even have everything on my own abandoned my house in Cieutat. Naturalization is something you deserve.” Indeed, because alongside this file for the under-60s there is a French conversation and comprehension test, supplemented with a few questions on secularism, Marianne, the French flag and the Marseillaise.

Four new French

“I have known all four for a long time,” says Mayor Philippe Dansaut, “I am happy that they have managed to achieve their goal, it is their choice even if they are perfectly integrated in the village and in French society. . It’s an asset for us.” And to remember: “I saw Justine’s kids running in the schoolyard and I saw them growing up while Robert, while I was working at the Mongie station, hired him around 2005 as a seasonal worker at La Mongie and Payolle hired, he stayed there as a ski patrol rescuer groomer for a couple of years. Today I’m the mayor of the village and they are citizens of the community. I’m happy for the four of them.”

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