an avalanche of educational measures

A meeting between high school students of the Saint Jean de Montmartre all-purpose school and the Your Voice Matters project (led by the Ashoka association) to discuss political commitment and brainstorm ideas ahead of the presidential elections on February 17, 2022.

After months of inertia, debates about the school have only just come to life. However, barring one paradox, this fun campaign has included a fairly extensive educational component since its inception. “pillar of society” for Yannick Jadot, “Factory of France” for Valerie Pécresse, “main project” for Emmanuel Macron… The candidates compete in formulas to qualify the place of education in their project, thus revealing their vision of society.

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With a selected vocabulary, Eric Zemmour cultivates characteristics of identity up to and including caricatures. So the right-wing extremist candidate speaks of“public education” and not national education, “Overseer General” rather than senior educational advisors. On the other side of the political spectrum, La France insoumise candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who has the most extensive program in terms of number of measures, shows his will to break. In particular, he would like to review the policies implemented over the past fifteen years “Repeal all measures adopted during the five-year term of Sarkozy-Hollande-Macron that undermine the national character of public education”.

old tunes

On closer inspection, the various programs and their disparate, even fragmented, policies rarely outline a coherent project for the education system as a whole. Three weeks before the first round, Emmanuel Macron is still reshuffling the cards by proposing a reform that could fundamentally transform education, giving teaching teams more autonomy and upgrading teachers according to the new tasks they accept or not. A ” Declaration of war “ for many teachers.

Republican candidate Valérie Pécresse is also entering this liberal terrain of greater autonomy by proposing a new type of contracted public school “Total recruitment freedom for teachers” and “Adaptation of educational projects”.

What can be done to fight inequality, a goal everyone is holding up like a banner? The emphasis on fundamentals, math and French is shared by many candidates, particularly those on the right, given France’s poor results in international rankings such as PISA. Everyone is talking about the number of math and French lessons to be added in primary school, while Yannick Jadot also wants to add practical skills like cooking or DIY.

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