An Australian woman says she can’t bear to have her pregnant belly touched: her reaction has divided netizens

During pregnancy, the mother-to-be’s round belly becomes the center of attention… even if it means forgetting that behind this pretty bidou there is also a woman who has the right to consent or not to what someone touches her belly! Of course, just because there’s a baby in it doesn’t mean her body isn’t hers anymore.

However, it is clear that for many people it is a real mania. While this may suit some who actually want to share their pregnancy and even encourage those around them to come and touch and feel the baby’s movements, for others, this is perceived as an invasion of their privacy.

“I’m 9 months old, but don’t touch me”

Such is the sentiment of one Australian mom-to-be, Danielle Fraser, who shares she’s tired of TikTok, even if it means she’s overly aggressive towards some netizens. ” So I’m at Bunnings [une chaîne australienne de magasins de quincaillerie, nldr]. And this woman – she’s not old, but she’s probably 60 – puts her hand on my stomach and says, “Oh, where are you?” ». The mother-to-be could have seen a certain female complicity in that gesture, a connection to that stranger… But there, in the middle of the home improvement department, Danielle Fraser found the gesture just inappropriate. She explains her reaction to this intrusion: ” I took her hand, looked into her eyes, Pushed her away and said “I’m not pregnant” and then i left “. She concludes, looking at the camera: I’m 9 months old, but don’t touch me! »

An overreaction?

In comments, netizens are divided about his reaction. Many expressed their support: I’ve never understood why people touch pregnant women’s stomachs. This upset my wife so much that I tried to intervene where I could. ‘ assures one dad. But others felt his reaction was exaggerated: Oh, it’s so terrible that a beautiful woman touched your stomach. My god, what’s the problem? », « I understand people shouldn’t touch each other, but I think it comes from the excitement of new life. I’m trying to educate, not belittle », « It was a little mean. You have to respect the boundaries, but she meant you no harm ‘ reply other commenters.

The shrink’s opinion

Cécile Viénot, liberal psychologist and specialist in the accompaniment of pregnant women, decodes this funny mania: ” For outsiders, this pregnancy does not only belong to the couple, it is not experienced as an intimate story, but as a social adventure. “. The entourage would therefore tend to appropriate this pregnancy, as if this round belly had simply fallen into public space. « It is as if the body has become a mindless object, as if there is suddenly a separation between the woman herself and her pregnant belly. »,explains the psychologist. So importunity or loving gesture? What is your opinion ?

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