Alice’s father’s wrath, 3, was hospitalized after eating a surprise child

Their 3-year-old daughter Alice was hospitalized for four days after contracting a surprise child. Still weakened, her father tells BFMTV what the family has been through.

With just a few days to go before the Easter weekend and as Kinder sales plummet, the controversy over salmonella in Ferrero Group products continues to escalate. The number of affected patients has been increasing since the end of March salmonellosiswhose symptoms resemble those of gastroenteritis, has continued to rise, with 150 cases detected in nine European countries, including France.

Among the victims in France, Alice, 3, was hospitalized for four days after consuming a Kinder surprise. On BFMTV this Thursday morning, his father Romain testifies.

“It’s a little better today, but she’s still sick,” he explains.

A relief after several days of worry. “The doctors didn’t understand what she had. They eventually found traces of salmonella in her urine.”

Alice, 3, contracted salmonella after eating a surprise treat for children
Alice, 3 years old, infected with Salmonella after eating a Kinder surprise © DR

The management of children questioned

The child’s father says today that his daughter is still recovering.

“She is still ill, we are afraid of the after-effects afterwards,” he specifies.

In fact, it can sometimes take several weeks for some people’s guts to return to normal activity. In some cases, the infection can lead to more serious consequences, such as a blood infection.

Romain also fears for the health of his wife, who is currently pregnant, as the disease is contagious. The bacterium that causes salmonellosis can be transmitted through direct contact of hands with an infected person’s stool, or through indirect contact through the consumption of contaminated food by an infected person who has not washed their hands first, or through surface-contaminated work .

“If the mother touches salmonella, there will be no more babies,” the family man was alarmed on BFMTV this Thursday.

But where the shoe pinches, Ferrero has to manage the file.

“They did not contact me. I called and was offered a voucher for the value of the product purchased. Then I called back several times, including once without a response for 23 minutes. J I feel like we are making fun of my health the Daughter. We’re just numbers for her. We won’t stop here. The aim is to see if there aren’t other families bringing a lawsuit together.

Contaminated chocolates from December 2021

As a reminder, Ferrero announced on Monday April 4th the recall of children’s products in France due to suspected salmonella.

The first warning dates back to March 23, when British authorities told the Italian group that its products could be the source of salmonella contamination. But according to European health authorities, the first case detected in England dates back to December 21, with no link to chocolate. children was then established.

Ferrero, accused of reacting too late, denies and claims that since December 15 he has identified and blocked batches contaminated with salmonella at his Belgian factory. The group also say they have taken hygiene measures to eliminate the presence of the bacteria.

“All the procedures have been reinforced,” assures the French branch of the confectioner, which defends the effectiveness of its self-controls and states that this is “the first recall in 70 years”.

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