Alexandra from Caen is launching a game to teach kids yoga while having fun

Alexandra, creator of the game Yoga Twist for children from 3 years.
Alexandra, creator of the game Yoga Twist for children from 3 years. ©Margaux ROUSSET

Without the limitations that come with that Covid-19Alexandra would never have started yoga twist. The 34-year-old young woman and mother of two young children seized the opportunity to gradually close the restaurant she ran with her husband in Paris in order to change her life. “I’m less physically tired, that’s for sure,” she says with a smile.

Indigenous caen, where she studied at the Rabelais Hotel School in Ifs, she decided to leave the capital to return to Normandy with her whole family. Here she founded her company Luzo Crea (Contraction of Lucas and Enzo, his children).

During the first delivery we invented all kinds of games with my first son. He was three and a half years old and we built a lot, we diverted everything we could around the house to have fun together.


One day she suggests he do some yoga to get some exercise and relax a little. Even if Lucas wasn’t enthusiastic about the idea at first, an idea germinated in his mother’s head.

Colored cards to learn postures

This is how the game Yoga Twist was born. The principle is quite simple. In the game box are 12 cardboard and colored cards with something yoga positions drawn on it, as well as a wheel. The child turns the arrow of the wheel and recognizes the yoga figure on which it falls: position of the tree, the cat, the cobra, the mountain…

“It’s very intuitive. The colors on the cards help the child find their way around and everything is well drawn. Of course, the yoga positions were selected with a professional and are suitable for the youngest.” Alexandra tested the game on her son, who was won over by the concept. “He likes to challenge his father best,” she laughs.

Twist Yoga game launched in Caen
Colorful cards to teach yoga postures to the youngest. ©Margaux ROUSSET

Alexandra does not work alone: ​​she is surrounded by two graphic designers who graduated from the Brassart school in Caen. Together they settled in Moho on the banks of the Orne. “We are a young and motivated team for a brand new project. Children often come to this large coworking space to find their parents who work there. “We ask them what they think of the games and the drawings. Sometimes they tell us “Oh no, it’s ugly”. The children are very open. »

New challenge, same skills

And what changes when you go from catering to board games? ” I’m proud of myself. I see that my skills in dealing with customers or with suppliers that I had in gastronomy are useful for this new challenge.” Alexandra has more time for her children at the end of the day, too when she gets back to her computer in the evening. “And then there’s a big part where we have to test the games. We have a really good laugh.”

Videos: currently on Actu

Yoga Twist is available for pre-sale on the Luzo Créa website, as are two memo games based on musical instruments and fruits and vegetables. They are aimed at children from the age of 3, but Alexandra has other ideas to come up with. “We’re going to put out a card game for the over 12 year olds and I’d like to offer a game for 2-3 year olds because it’s an age group where there are very few board games.” His next challenge? Find physical stores in Caen or elsewhere willing to market its games.

To practice. Yoga Twist on presale on the Luzo Créa website until April 5, 2022. Price: €19.90. Game designed and made in France.

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