AJA striker Rémy Dugimont with the children of Auxerre’s specialized hospital centre

A gate, cones and speed bumps in the courtyard of the specialist hospital center in Auxerre. This Wednesday, April 13, a meeting was organized between the children stationed in child psychiatry and AJA striker Rémy Dugimont. An initiative of the Premiers de cordée association and the Fondaction l’Équipe. The two structures organize sports events in French hospitals. “Our wish is to bring children in the hospital closer to the practice of sport. This promotes social bonding and self-confidence,” says Julie Garcia, project manager at the association.

“The most important thing is the smile we bring them”

Children don’t wait to test themselves with a ball at their feet. “It’s very cool, it’s nice that everyone is coming together. I’ve been followed in the hospital for almost two years. I do muscle building and go to the pool. Exercising helps me regain confidence in myself,” says Emeric, 16 , in the third class.

I believe in the virtues of sport. It teaches children to belong. This shows them that the collective can be positive for them.

“It’s something important to us. Sometimes it’s hard to free up time, but the most important thing is the smile we give them. There’s not a lot of time to give when it’s ‘we see the effect it’s having’ Rémy abounded Dugimont, the AJA striker.

The teenagers exchange passports, compete as a team and take advice from the footballer. “It’s good to see people and have fun. I find sport to be a great way to distract yourself, focus and let off steam,” confirms one of the players on the pitch.

Draw the positive from the collective

At the end of the session, hand-signed posters and club caps will be distributed to the children. “I believe in the virtues of sport. He teaches children to feel in their place. He shows them that the collective can be positive for them,” describes Franck Vromant, a psychiatric nurse. “One of them, for example, had more difficulty moving and playing football. But he was considered a good goalkeeper by the whole group. For them, it was above all the arrival of Rémy Dugimont that made its impact”.

The kids in the hospital may have the opportunity to watch an AJA match. According to Franck Vromant, the club offered to continue the cooperation.

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Eloise Bussy

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