After Bagnères, Tasiia and the six orphans she had brought with her from Ukraine were welcomed in Saint-Lary

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In Ukraine, Tasiia took in orphans. With atrocities sweeping across her country, she was forced to flee to save the last six and was eventually gathered in the Aure Valley. “They are so beautiful, she says. I had to save them.” On Wednesday, the Saint-Lary town hall organized a drink for Tasiia’s birthday.

The courage and determination of the Ukrainians deserve our admiration. Tasiia is a telling example. In Vinnytsia, a town of 300,000 southwest of Kyiv, she was a journalist and host family. As an adoptive mother, she raised 16 orphans in addition to her own two. When the war broke out, she had six children between the ages of 10 and 16. Maksym, the eldest, Anhélia, Anna, Oksana, Denys and Rostylav, the youngest. They are his whole life, protecting them is his duty. “Look, they’re so beautiful,” she says. I had to save her”

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On March 1, she leaves home with the children and her 26-year-old daughter-in-law Nadia for a very long journey. In fact, they arrive in Poland only on March 25th! A 24-day journey, passing through Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, finally arriving in Poland, his family’s country of origin and his son’s place of residence at the time. But Poland, which has taken in more than 2 million refugees, cannot take in more. Someone talks to them about France, Bagnères de Bigorre, where Polish friends live. The decision has been made, the whole family, except for the son, who is returning to fight in Ukraine, will leave for France, by bus to Paris and by train to Tarbes.

And so this exodus will bring her to St. Lary where the community has provided a large 7 bedroom apartment. Completely exhausted and scarred, they arrived just over a week ago. The town hall and priests Jacques and Jan undertook to receive them as best they could. For the first three days, UCPA provides them with meals to allow them to recover.

Distance learning with Ukrainian teachers

Since then, life has started to sort itself out, even if it’s not easy to recover from so many horrors. The children have lessons every day from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. with Ukrainian teachers who offer distance learning. Tasiia and Nadia ensure that their school days run smoothly. The elected officers take turns to meet their most urgent needs and organize trips to help them discover this new environment. Since then, another young woman, Lessia, has arrived with her granddaughter, Kaira.

Last Wednesday, for Tasiia’s birthday, the congregation organized a welcome drink that brought all the elected officials together. It was an opportunity to get to know each other better, communication being facilitated by the presence of the Polish abbots. Mayor André Mir presented Tasiia with the Medal of the City of St. Lary to honor his courage which is such a beautiful example of humanity and renunciation.

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