after 9 miscarriages, this former mom contestant for the 3rd time

Reality TV Angels are a show that disappeared from TV screens in 2020. But this show will entertain audiences for another 10 years. And, above all, exceptional personalities such as Anaïs Sanson. The young woman is indeed very much followed on social networks. As a true influencer, she doesn’t hide anything from her daily life from her subscribers. And on this April 3rd, they therefore had the joy of learning of the third pregnancy of the show’s former contestant Angel. objection Don’t hide the fact that this is an all the more celebrated moment considering Anaïs Sanson’s painful journey towards this third pregnancy.

A former star of the show Angel is pregnant !

Anaïs Sanson tells her subscribers everything. Her fans know everything about her daily life and she doesn’t hesitate to confide in her when she’s not in a good mood. Whether on her Instagram account or in an interview, this former candidate shows the show Angel and The princes of love play cards on the table. What also strikes you when you discover this vivacious young woman on the web is the love she has for her family. Mother of two daughters and married to Carlos Da Costa, she seems to be living a dream life. “Life begins in the family and love never ends. »she wrote to comment on a sublime photo of her surrounded by her family.

But behind the smoothed pictures for Instagram and the “feel good” speeches on social networks, Anaïs Sanson hides a real grief. The show’s former contestant Angel had a hard time getting pregnant. She and her husband had to wait four years for their youngest daughter. Then they wanted to expand the family quickly. and objection don’t hide the fact that it probably won’t stay with three children either. But for this third pregnancy, fans of Anaïs Sanson openly speak of a small miracle while sending their congratulations in the comments.

“We couldn’t wait to tell you, we’ll be 5 soon”the show’s former contestant wrote soberly Angel under an Instagram post. And in story, as directed by our colleagues at the magazine pure peopleAnaïs Sanson was not long in coming to thank her fans for her playful comments. “I just posted and I’ve been reading your posts and you make me cry. »said the beauty.

But as expected, this good news does not really relieve the young woman. And for good reason, readers will understand that having had 9 miscarriages before conceiving is traumatic, to say the least.

A trauma that causes intense agony

A few days after her announcement on social media, Anaïs Sanson shares an excerpt from her episode “Baby Story” on Jeremstar. In particular, the clip in which she announces her pregnancy to her old friend. It was therefore particularly moving to see. Especially since Jeremstar is aware of the show’s former contestant’s many miscarriages Angel. So he knows what this pregnancy means to her. And he falls from above when he understands why she’s offering him a pair of baby shoes.

Internet users congratulate Anaïs Sanson more and more often. Jeremstar’s congratulations are also appropriate and particularly touching. “2 years of ordeal for my puce who chained 9 miscarriages. Tears, fear, incomprehension… And finally a happy event. Proud of you. You knew how to be strong and recover from all those tough times and I am confident that this new baby will bring you good luck. too happy for you », wrote the Youtubeur. Also encourages its subscribers to cover the show’s former contestant Angel with her best wishes.

Indeed, our beautiful mother-to-be of her third child will need the support of her fans. Because, objection As you said above, the trauma of her miscarriages haunts her. And she probably won’t be able to be completely calm during her pregnancy. “When I’m pregnant I’m not happy, I don’t have a smile and I don’t have a zest for life. I have nightmares about it, I just think about the miscarriage all the time… I went through hell for the first three months. It’s been three months of stress, anxiety, fear of going to pee, bleeding again… Every day was a win, but it was unbearable. »detailed Anaïs Sanson on Jeremstar, on video.

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