Accommodation could be provided for a Ukrainian family in Tourouvre

The property is located in the city center
The property is located in the heart of the city center ©Publihebdos

While nearly 3 million Ukrainians have fled the horrors of war in recent weeks, the Ornais area is gradually taking in displaced families. The City of Tourouvre-au-Perche would like a accommodation which, according to Franck Poirier, the city’s mayor, could accommodate “a family or two”. This desire follows the call of the departmental council, the mayor decided to “respond positively to the call of the civil services”.

Housing above the grocery store

The vacant apartment is located above the Barnabé grocer, the work in this accommodation is “completed”. The arrival of a Ukrainian family at this shelter “would be a loss of income rather than a cost to the community.” Indeed, housing unoccupied the municipality is therefore not receiving any rent at the moment. The arrival of a Ukrainian family would not change that.

“It would be an expense if it was an income that we had and could have later. It’s an income that we don’t have anyway and won’t have for a while.”

Franck Poirier, Mayor of Tourouvre-au-Perche

The apartment that could be made available to a family is ” 102 sqm with 3 bedrooms, a large living-dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom”. This good can “perfectly meet the needs of a family, which it is in misery and who might benefit.

The location of the property is ideal for a family thanks to the connection to the bus that allows you to go to the beach middle school or to secondary school, but also for shopping in the surrounding towns.

“For children, we have everything you need with daycare, crèche and school. We also have shops within walking distance.

Apparently the community doesn’t choose the family that gets taken in, “we don’t have any control over what happens after that. All I know is that we have a platform where we make our property available.”

“We can easily do good”

It is possible that this advertisement will not find a buyer, in which case the city will “provide” the object. position like we would have done in normal times”.

“I am very sensitive to what is happening at the borders of Europe and in Europe. After Tourouvre experienced this type of misfortune, even if it seems very far away, we have been able to benefit from solidarity and goodwill.”

To preserve this memory of the unfortunate times that the city went through, Franck keeps Poirrier in his office two photos of Tourouvre devastated after the tragedy of August 19, 1944.

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A resident of Tourouvre has already informed the town hall that she has two rooms available to accommodate a family, a generosity that welcomes the mayor.

“If everyone gives a little, we can easily do good.”

And to do good, when Tourouvre welcomes Ukrainians, “we will call for donations of equipment, clothing and food.” Of course, the town hall is available for all administrative matters, “we are in contact with the sub-prefecture, which has assured us of their support”.

Before making a final commitment, Franck Poirrier will consult the elected representatives during the municipal council.

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