about to confirm her pregnancy and marriage?

According to recent revelations, Maeva Ghennam is said to be pregnant and about to get married. The candidate from Marseilles responds to the news on his social networks.

Aurélie Dotremont pregnant with her first child?

Pregnancy rumors are making the rounds on social media. Sometimes a small detail is all it takes for internet users to find out for themselves that their favorite influencers are pregnant. But sometimes netizens go a little too far…

Thus, Aurélie Dotremont caused a great rant on her social networks after reading articles announcing her pregnancy. In fact, the young woman has repeatedly stated that she has major fertility problems. Also, she just underwent surgery on her ovaries to have all the chances of pregnancy on her side.

When she found out about these rumors about her, she couldn’t help but react. “Your articles where you also say I’m pregnant are frankly lazy. Knowing that this is an issue that touches me and that I am having difficulties conceiving a child and that I really want to have a child. She says. “Honestly, your articles are serious shit. All this to get a click. So you can kindly go f*

Maeva Ghennam responds to pregnancy and marriage rumors.

Mélanie Da Cruz: She announces that she had a miscarriage

Another can no longer stand the pregnancy rumors about her: Mélanie Da Cruz. The woman, who has just split from her son’s father, has again been suspected of being pregnant. If Swann’s mother was also upset, it was because she had a second miscarriage in her private life.

She commented on this on her social networks: “On the other hand, you don’t have the right to invent a pregnancy for me every two minutes, whether I’m a public figure or not. (…) So I say it lightly: Three weeks ago I had another miscarriage. They don’t know if I don’t have thyroid, endometriosis, or just a bloated stomach. There will be no sympathy or understanding because I don’t cry in front of you. »

The candidate had already had an ectopic pregnancy last summer, which had affected her greatly. It was then that she decided not to get pregnant again.

Sarah Fraisou: soon pregnant with IVF?

Sarah Fraisou also dreams of becoming a mother. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, the young woman has great difficulties in getting pregnant. While their romantic relationship seemed threatened in recent days, the reality TV contestant would have gone to the hospital to undergo IVF.

It was the @fakeinfluenceurs account that announced the news in the story. “Sarah Fraisou is currently in the American Hospital in Paris as she undergoes IVF under general anesthesia. Sarah would very much like to start her family and has been fighting for it for a few months. »

A few hours later, the influencer found to her nasty surprise that a person had photographed her in the hospital under general anesthesia without her knowledge. Does this mean that the candidate would actually be pregnant with IVF? The future will show.

Maeva Ghnnema: Pregnant and about to get married?

This time it’s another famous contestant who is at the center of the wildest rumours. A blogger recently claimed on social networks that a candidate from the Marseilles left soon Announce your pregnancy and… your marriage ! only that

As you can imagine, these shocking revelations quickly went viral on the internet. So much so that the main sufferer is reacting to the news. it is Maeva Gentam. Yes, while we explained to you that her best friend Akram betrayed her and left the account @gossypshow assures that he would have left Dubai to allow Maeva to live her family life to the fullest. In fact, everyone seems convinced that Maeva Ghennam is pregnant with her first child!

“Maeva Ghennam will announce to her fans that she is getting married and pregnant”, he first announced in his Snapchat story. ” Akram returns to France so she can live fully with her bald head. » In fact, Maeva is said to have always been in a relationship with her ex, Boli. “However, imagine the baby coming out with the head of Greg Yega ‘ the blogger then quipped. In any case, there’s one who doesn’t seem to have laughed, it’s Maeva. The candidate from Marseilles ‘broken’ by her family struggles posted the account’s story to her story, adding: « WTF ?????? » In other words, Maeva Ghennam doesn’t seem to be aware of it either…


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