abandoned by his children? this painful breakup…

Where are Florent Pagny’s kids when he needs them most? The Objeko team tells you all in this article…

Florent Pagny ill with cancer

Florent Pagny recently shared the news with us. He has a lung tumor. It’s a real blow for the man, who celebrated his 60th birthday last November. He will soon undergo treatment with chemotherapy and X-rays to overcome the disease. This story commemorates our late Jean-Pierre Pernaut who also suffered from lung cancer. Unfortunately, his age and general health did not allow him to overcome the disease.

Even if we know that he is sick and at this moment he is continuing the chemotherapy, what was our surprise and emotion! Florent Pagny actually appeared completely bald for the United for Ukraine special evening broadcast on France 2 as a result of his treatment.

Fortunately, Florent Pagny is not alone in facing the disease. He has the tireless support of his wife Azucena Caamaño, an Argentine painter and model who has lived with him since 1993. But what about his two children, Inca and Ael? Are you with your father during these very difficult times?

Two children away from home

Of course, Florent Pagny can count on the support of his children, even if they no longer live at home. The singer and his wife Azucena Caamaño wed in 2006 after 13 years together. The two lovebirds now have two children: Inca, now 25, and Ael, 22.

Objeko had already introduced you to the very pretty girl who is an artist herself. Ael Pagny is very interested in photography, which she practices between Argentina, the United States and France. The young woman is pursuing a career in fashion and could very well become a renowned influencer in the years to come!

Florent Pagny’s son Inca is much more discreet. Very little is known about this young man. Inca Pagny is a lover of nature, motorbikes and slide sports. She lives in perfect harmony with her surroundings in Patagonia. The handsome young man who bears little resemblance to his father seems therefore to have chosen to live in the shadow of the limelight.

Florent Pagny and his wife, both well-known, have in fact decided to educate their children outside of the media world, to give them the choice to become famous or not. It’s an option that other star kids like Lily-Rose Depp don’t know about.

In this way, Florent Pagny can be supported not only by his wife but also by his children during his recovery. If distance threatens to separate them, that’s largely because his two children are adults going their own way.

Florent Pagny: back on an incredible journey

At 60 years old, Florent Pagny is a true living legend of French song, with an exceptional career spanning decades… A fan of skillfully written lyrics and hair bleaching, the singer has had ups and downs but has always been able to prove to critics that he is at the top of his game is.

His career began in 1988 with the title Anything. He was very successful for many years, up until the pinnacle of his career: Knowing how to love in 1997. However, he endured a little desert crossing for a few years, not to mention the tax officer who ran after him. In 2003, he returned to the top of his game with the song My Freedom to Think, which was one of the biggest hits of the year. Since then he has been on albums and tours, although he divides his life between France and Patagonia, his host country.

Florent Pagny recently returned to the front of the stage thanks to the show The Voice. He is a coach and judge there and just won the All-Star edition of the program thanks to his protégé Anne Sila. It is therefore a shared victory for whoever has been at the forefront of the French strain for more than 30 years! He’s rejoining the new season of The Voice, which was pre-taped during which he found out about the terrible disease. Despite a remarkable passage in support of Ukraine, we can assume that we will see him less and less on our screens in the future… The Objeko team wishes him the best of luck!

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