A Ukrainian family hailed Boynes: ‘We didn’t have bombs in our house, but we felt it was getting closer’

Arrive in front Lamartine Primary School in Boynes, a young girl rushes to the other students present in the playground. But it’s time to go back to class.

Before that, she approaches her parents to give them a little kiss and then leaves, everyone smiles. Maria, aged 8 and in class CE2, arrived in Boynes village with her parents Kateryna Nikitina and Thomas Ambrosio.

The family comes from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and, like many others, fled the war. “We arrived by car around 7pm on Sunday, with our lives inside and after three days of travel,” explains Thomas Ambrosio, 52, along with his wife Kateryna, who is just 40.

“We chose Poland. It is the first country to open its borders. We drove through Lviv before reaching Poland, then Germany and finally France,” he continues.

The couple received a gift from the community.

Two wars in one life

History repeats itself for this driver-mechanic by trade, originally fromAngola. “When the war was in Angola, we took refuge with my mother Democratic Republic of Congo.”

After a few trips, he settled in Ukraine and received his two passports. (One can only be used in Ukraine and the other is for international travel). Escape from the war was a matter of course for him. Especially when the little girl who heard the bombings told them: “Dad, it’s good to leave Ukraine, otherwise we will be killed here.”

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A complicated beginning

Impossible to resist these words from Maria’s mouth. For his wife Kateryna, parting was more difficult. The one who worked for L’Oréal and took the opportunity to learn French wanted to continue her life in Kyiv. “We didn’t have any bombs in our house, but we felt it was getting closer.” The family left their home to a friend. She then decided to take some things with her and then leave the country.

“We wanted to get involved and above all to help. The merchants are united and mobilized. Here they are pampered and stay as long as necessary.”

Thierry Barjonet (Mayor of Boynes)

Maria before entering the classroom. His mistress is Estelle Dasquet, the headmistress.

Vacant social housing

Boynes is where they landed. “The Duhamel de Monceau grammar school was in contact with the principal of the French grammar school Anne de Kyiv,” explains Delphine Barjonet, General Manager of Boynes Town Hall, together with Thierry Barjonet, Mayor of Boynes and candidate for Parliament, and Barbara Vallois, Assistant to the School and social

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The small family has social housing that is well equipped. “We wanted to get involved and above all to help. The traders are united and mobilized. Here they are pampered and stay as long as necessary,” emphasizes the mayor.

With the Internet, the couple can continue to work. “We have a children’s sports shop, which is accompanied by its online site kid-sport.com.ua. This allows us to stay in business. It’s a family affair,” Thomas slips out. The family say they are grateful for the welcome they received.

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