A teacher who has been the victim of insults and homophobic acts denounces the national education system’s inaction

Since one of his colleagues revealed his sexual orientation against his will in 2014, this professor has been demanding sanctions at his hierarchical level, so far without success.

“Eight years of broken promises.” Professor at Jean Lurçat High School in Perpignan, Pierre (first name has been changed) points to the inaction of his superiors while he has suffered insults and homophobic acts since one of his colleagues revealed his sexual orientation without his consent, BFMTV has learned. com on Tuesday and confirmed information from France Bleu Roussillon.

Pierre’s nightmare begins in 2014. A Spanish teacher with whom he shares a class informs the students about his colleague’s homosexuality and repeatedly calls him a “faggot”. Some high school students, shocked, report the remarks to another teacher, who in turn warns Pierre.

Insults, threatening letters, car and locker destroyed several times… While information circulates on social networks and between students, homophobic acts against the teacher multiply at school. Pierre’s niece, who was brought up in a different institution in Perpignan, is even asked if she actually comes from the family of the “gay teacher from Lurçat”.

“It became survival in a hostile environment,” Pierre told BFMTV.com on Tuesday.

The teacher continues to practice at the same high school

He ended up questioning the principal of his high school about the insults he was subjected to, but with no concrete response, two years later he himself sent a report to the principal of the Montpellier Academy. He discovers that none of the homophobic acts have been brought up by his hierarchy.

“We are fighting both this teacher and this lazy administration that could never protect my client,” explains Me Camille Manya, his attorney, who was contacted by BFMTV.com. So much so that the teacher in question continues to practice in the same establishment as Pierre.

“We continue to entrust generations of students to him,” he despairs.

All in all, the teacher only received a “reframing letter” in 2017, in which she was asked to “take a corresponding position in the future [ses] duties of the teacher.

However, the judiciary recognized the facts as proven: in the first civil instance, the professor who had insulted Pierre was sentenced to 4,000 euros in damages, a judgment that was upheld on appeal. But the Rectorate is still waiting for an answer.

“Silence benefits the attackers”

“The years go by and the administration still sticks to its courses,” regrets Pierre. In addition, since 2014, the file has passed through the hands of three school directors, three principals and two different inspectors. Pierre always feels that he has to explain again who he was the victim of and to prove it. “Meanwhile, the attackers benefit from calm and slowness,” he says.

In July 2020, a new event struck: a back-to-school meeting turned into a “fight” for the teacher accused of taking his case to court, his attorney reports.

“What is extremely serious in this case is the reaction of the National Ministry of Education. How could we allow that? Today we feel that certain public service leaders are silent to avoid making waves,” Me Camille Manya said indignantly.

The Ombudsman issues a scathing report

In an attempt to shift the lines, Pierre also grabs the Defender of Rights. After a year-long investigation, the latter published a scathing report last July that confirmed the moral harassment the teacher had been subjected to and stressed that the protection offered was insufficient while no disciplinary action had been taken against the Spanish teacher.

At the request of our colleagues from France Bleu, the Rectorate replies that “the situation mentioned is being followed with great attention by the HR department of the Academy, which accompanies the teacher in taking into account the situation of harassment that he denounced in 2014”.

“These words deviate from reality. We are in a completely watered down speech. I have never been protected at my workplace,” Pierre commented this Tuesday, speaking of “negligence” and “administrative mistreatment”.

“You trivialized homophobia in high school”

When Pierre says he is determined to continue this fight, however, he does not hide a deep sense of isolation within his establishment, while he is confronted with his attackers every day and some of his colleagues have turned their backs on him. : “I hoped for a long time, I trusted my administration, whose values ​​I thought I shared. But they trivialized homophobia in high school.”

“I’ve always grasped problems head-on, but I haven’t gotten off scot-free. I developed several pathologies as a result,” adds the teacher, who laments the lack of medical support.

Today, Pierre admits that he no longer expects anything from the administration, but hopes to find a calm working environment, “far from any prejudice”. He and his attorney took the state to court so he could be compensated after what they denounced as violations of the national education system.

“I pity the young people who are subjected to such attacks in the midst of identity formation. I have chosen to speak for all these ‘invisibles’,” concludes the Perpignan professor.

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