A teacher found the simple trick to make kids bilingual!

A teacher on TikTok shows her daughters a trick to become bilingual. And that goes through the screens with a certain system.

All parents want their children to be bilingual in English. Because it helps a lot in life. So, this teacher shares a pretty simple tip to help parents with that goal. And really everyone can do that!

A teacher shares a tip to make your kids bilingual

You never know exactly how to introduce languages ​​into a child’s life. Even speaking a few words of French stuns most parents. But others want their children to go with the advantage of speaking English.

It is often mixed couples from two different nationalities who try this. But some try it even if they are not at home. That is also the case of Nabilla. Most A teacher shares a very simple trick to help for this purpose.

On TikTok, Serita says a very simple sentence: ” Make your kids’ screen time happens in a different language. As we know, children are spending more and more time in front of screens. And from a young age.

So instead of being really pointless, I might as well teach them something. If you are not lucky enough to have parents of both nationalities like M Pokora and Christina Milianyou need to find other tricks.

And this video has been viewed over 20,000 times. This topic is of great interest to parents and other young people. On his video we see his two little girls who are on their tablet. And they are not very old! But one question still arises.

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What about screen time?

But Serita, who is also a teacher, shows that her technique works. She explains it in her video. ” now My kids only watch TV/tablet in Spanish. Now they both speak Spanish and my youngest is almost bilingual.”

how it can work Even if linguistics explains that acquiring a second language requires a parent or someone close by speaking to you and interacting in that language. But the tablet is also a good option.

Although you still have to be careful with screen time. Many disorders are observed in children. Like the fact that they no longer know how to hold a pen. But pay attention to your kids’ screen time.

« The excessive exposure of children to screens could be the evil of the century explained researchers after a study in 2021. Screens are very harmful for brain development, but also for sleep and nutrition.

So this trick seems to work, but you have to be very careful to regulate the use of these tools from a young age! According to Serita, who is also a teacher, her daughter so learn Spanish thanks to this tactic.

She concluded: “My oldest daughter is just learning to read, so I’ll set the subtitles to Spanish and we’ll discuss the difference Reading words in English and Spanish.« Hats off to her!

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