A teacher affected by homophobia denounces the inaction of the National Education, the rectorate denies and condemns the allegations

A teacher at the Jean Lurçat high school in Perpignan has been fighting what he sees as the administrative silence of the national education system for 8 years. Victim of mockery, insults and homophobic actions by one of these colleagues, he calls for sanctions against her in vain. However, the judiciary convicted her twice.

The case is set at Jean Lurçat High School in Perpignan. It begins in 2014 when a teacher is harassed by a colleague because of his sexual orientation.
Worse, this malicious outing is being relayed in front of the students of the running establishment, embellished with homophobic and abusive remarks.

“Month after month, the harassment escalated. And I started to isolate myself. (…) I heard insulting remarks behind my back. Some called me Madame.”

Teacher at Jean Lurçat high school in Perpignan, bullied and outed.

Interview François David, France blue Roussillon.

In affidavits sent to the courts, several former students allege that the molesting teacher used the term “PD” and referred to his class as “the PD room“.

The tormented professor says he’s had a hell of a ride… He feels let down by his hierarchy.

However, he won his civil lawsuit in April 2019. The Spanish teacher behind the denunciations was sentenced to 4,000 euros in damages. The judge keeps them “willingness to harm” and a behavior “contrary to what is expected of an educator”. The following year, this first judgment was upheld by the Montpellier Court of Appeal.

The man said he was still the victim of harassment and intimidation between 2016 and 2019. At work he receives anonymous letters, his car is vandalized, especially with offensive labels.
He even explains that during a career meeting, a national education inspector feminized his function by calling him a “teacher”.

For him, his hierarchy is guilty of slowness, of abandoning him, or even of inactivity.

“In the face of the inaction of my superiors, I had to take the fight to court myself. And today that situation is turning against me.”

Teacher at Jean Lurçat high school in Perpignan, bullied and outed.

Interview François David, France blue Roussillon.

For his lawyer Me Camille Manya, National Education “was always knowledgeable from the start, didn’t do anything at all”. And the professor at the origin of the harassment had no “academic sanction” recognized and convicted by the judiciary at the height of her offense.
Hence his decision to bring a new action before the Montpellier Administrative Court.

This was announced by the communications department of the rectorate of the Montpellier Academy in a press release dated March 31, 2022 “cannot accept the allegations of inaction made against him”. He justifies his positions, his actions and says he is following these acts of harassment “with the greatest attention since 2016”.

“In 2016, HR became aware of this harassment situation. Since then she has accompanied and supported the professor.”

Press release from the Rectorate of the Montpellier Academy.

In order to demonstrate its commitment and support, the Rectorate stipulates: “The teacher initiated legal proceedings, for which the academic services granted him civil protection to accompany and support him in his actions, in particular by covering his legal fees. An administrative inquiry was launched in 2017. In the end, action was taken to remove the two teachers concerned from within the facility.

And finally: “The Academic Services remain at his disposal and will receive him again if he expresses the need. The follow-up of this file is therefore still relevant for the services, in parallel with the ongoing legal proceedings. In addition, the Jean Lurçat High School remains highly mobilized to fight against all forms of discrimination..

However, according to our colleagues from France Bleu Roussillon, So far, National Education has not taken any action against the Spanish teacher despite her conviction in court. Eight years after the facts, the victim only received a simple warning letter to ask her: “take a position in line with in the future [ses] duties of the teacher“.

In addition, an internal administrative inquiry conducted in January 2017 concluded:that it would be desirable in the interests of the service to transfer the teacher to restore a calm atmosphere for teachers and students”.

The case brought before the Ombudsman led to damning conclusions after a year-long review in July 2021.
For the Defender of Rights “The administration should, as soon as it became aware of the disputed facts, at the latest since 2016, initiate disciplinary proceedings against him, which would have avoided the impression that the facts so denounced were being downplayed“.

Today the victim, supported by SOS-Homophobia, demands compensation and real sanctions against “his attackers”.

My biggest wish is to be able to work again in a calm climate, protected from possible aggression. And to be rehabilitated in my functions and to my honor“.

Above all, the teacher hopes to be able to put this painful and protracted affair behind her.

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