a survey signed by the city’s schoolchildren

quote[i] Reporter is a series of reports made by middle and high school students from Hauts-de-France as part of the School Press Week organized by the Clémi. Here it is the 5th grade student at Aristide Briand College in Chaulnes on the Somme, produced as part of a media workshop. An approach accompanied and supported by France 3 Hauts-de-France.

This is a well-conducted investigation that will allow the 25th Class 5 Lisbon students at Aristide Briand de Chaulnes Collegeon the Somme to get to know their city better.

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quote[i] Reporter: In search of the lost castle of Chaulnes (Somme)

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How many times have you walked past this gate, not knowing that the kings of France had taken the same path some 500 years earlier?

Discovering the story of Chaulnes and most importantly researching, discussing, comparing ideas, writing a screenplay, thinking together about a joint project, these are some of the skills they have been working on since October.

When asked what do we win? Mathéo answered spontaneously: “We learned so much on this project“.

Reading a text, setting intonations to get the viewer to lead the investigation with us, that’s the challenge faced by Nidal and Suzanne’s voiceovers.

They are all very proud of the work done and hope that the video will allow everyone to discover their beautiful city.

Myriam Bichet

Suzanne: “I enjoyed doing this report because it taught me a lot about the city I live in. I liked it because we were free to express our ideas when voting.

Aliyah: “We could discover things we didn’t know.

Nidal: “I liked that we showed what we are capable of.

Lilou: “I loved doing that, it made us learn things.

Lola: “Filming was fun, good to film and ask people questions.

Naomi: “It’s already over, it’s over quickly. I’ve learned a lot and I’m proud.

Every year since 2018, as part of the school press week organized by the Clémi, France 3 Hauts-de-France has put online a series of reports prepared by middle and high school students from Hauts-de-France (Centre for Media and Information Literacy).

journalists out France 3 Hauts de France accompanied the students in the design of their report. They met her at her facility, oversaw the production of her video and provided journalistic and technical advice throughout the project.

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To participate in the project quote[i] reportercontact Stéphane Mazzorato (France 3 Hauts-de-France)

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