A study reveals who among Britons are the most and least valued members of the royal family

Let’s not create false tension: Queen Elizabeth II is fine that the most popular personality of the British royal family. A new survey carried out by the Ipsos Institute at the end of March 2022 and quoted by the British media this Wednesday 6 April mirror shows that the longest reigning monarch is liked by 69% of English people. On the other hand, it collects 12% of negative opinions.

However, other findings from this study, which was conducted among 2,055 Britons aged 16 to 75 and representative of society, are more surprising.

Prince William, future king at the height of his popularity

42% of Britons would prefer Prince Charles, who is to become heir to the throne after the death of his mother, to give his place to his eldest son, Prince William, second in line to the throne. On the other hand, 24% want Prince Charles to become king.

Lady Diana’s shadow hangs over this poll. Prince Charles has not been held in high esteem by the British since his divorce from the Princess of Hearts and the latter’s disappearance.

Respondents do not consider the Queen’s son unworthy of this function. At 48% they even think that he would be a good king.

But Prince Charles can’t help it if Prince William, like his mother, has won the hearts of the British. The Duke of Cambridge is second in the rankings, just behind his grandmother, with 64% positive and just 13% negative. His wife Kate Middleton is also proving popular, the informsIpsos. The third-place queen-to-be receives 60% positive opinions versus 13% negative opinions, like her husband.

A tougher ranking for Meghan and Harry

One in two Brits say they don’t like Meghan Markle, who still gets 24% positive opinions. The modern-day Duchess of Hollywood’s popularity has dropped 16 points since 2018, according to the same poll conducted earlier this year.

While Prince Harry seems more respected than his wife – he collects “only” 43% negative and 30% positive opinions – his notoriety has fallen in four years. Archie and Lilibet’s dad’s popularity has dropped 35 points since 2018.

But deep down, do the Sussexes care? Aren’t they more fulfilled in this life set back from the monarchy, far from its codes and its judgements?

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