A second family of a former resident of the Landes nursing home Korian Château in La Ferté-Saint-Aubin is filing a complaint

A few weeks ago, Anne-Marie wanted to share her story, and that of his father, who died in July 2021, a few months after being placed in the Château des Landes nursing home in La Ferté-Saint-Aubinmanaged by the Korian Group.

As revealed The rep last February 7th, Anne-Marie filed a complaintat the Orleans Attorney’s Office, for “abuse”.

His father had joined this Ehpad in October 2020 (at the time of the second Covid-related confinement). His daughter recounted seeing him on his first visit in December of the same year: “very emaciated, physically dirty, unkempt, very unkempt, dressed in someone else’s clothes, very sad and depressed”.

She also mentioned her father’s “multiple falls” and lack of supervision and support.

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An investigation is underway

Investigations have been ongoing since his ad. It’s progressing bit by bit.
“The fact that it was published really sped up the file,” slipped but Anne-Marie, whose motivation is unbroken. nourished by the satisfaction of having moved the lines.

“My father is gone, and it won’t bring him back; but for all the people who are left, at least it will change.”

Caregivers, nurses, cooks… they talk about their everyday life in their nursing homes


Anne-Marie’s initiative therefore had the advantage of setting an example. In fact, a few weeks ago “a family contacted me after the published articles”.

It’s about the son and the daughter-in-law of an octogenarian who lived at the Château des Landes nursing home between February 2017 and June 2021before being “placed” elsewhere (he now lives in another Ehpad Loiret). His relatives decided to file a complaint that they had lodged with the Orléans Public Prosecutor’s Office a few days ago.

This family lives abroad, but this resident’s partner, Loiret, used to visit him regularly at La Ferté-Saint-Aubin. “When he was at the château des Landes, she complained of certain disturbances: lack of service, unsuitable equipment (salvage and defective wheelchair), disappearance of clothingetc…”, specifies the letter sent by the family to the public prosecutor, who The rep could consult.

“He was entitled to a diaper a day, I found him in the feces several times, I accidentally washed them because there was no one who could do it‘ says his companion.

A fall in May 2021

But if his family decided to change his house, it was after a fall in May 2021.”I found him in his bedroom, on his bed, with two very large bruises.. He fell at 2 p.m., the ambulance came at 4 p.m. and returned at 9 p.m. without treatment,” says his partner, who visited him “four times a week”.

After this fall, “he receives no care or support,” the family still complains. “My husband tried to call everyday to get an explanation because they didn’t tell us anythingbut nobody ever called him back,” emphasizes the daughter-in-law.

An episode illustrating a lack of support consistent with Anne-Marie’s testimonythe facts took place at the same time (Anne-Marie’s father, unlike this other resident, was in the Ehpad’s Alzheimer’s ward).

“Passive Abuse”

Family admits: ‘We expect nothing from this complaint’. But the gesture seemed important to them. It targets “a system”, not people.

“We have nothing personal against the staff, they do their best, we are not related to active abuse but passive abuse”

“Local residents are fragile, vulnerable people who cannot complain and they like using it,” estimates the resident’s companion.

At the Korian Château des Landes nursing home in La Ferté-Saint-Aubin, since the facts reported in summer 2021, A new director has arrived last October. Measures have been taken, including strengthening the workforce. Measures followed and validated by the Regional Health Authority (ARS). In earlier dysfunctions, speech continues to free itself.

Dimitri Crozet

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