A school in Millavoise supports autistic children

Funded by the ARS, the specialist class is administered by the ADPEP with support from the city.

This is a big step forward for South Aveyron and Millavois. Since last September, the Jean Macé School has been hosting a class for autistic children called UEMA for the Autism Kindergarten Teaching Unit. This is a big step forward, because previously the affected families had to go to the UEMA in Onet-le-Château. A considerable distance if you live in South Aveyron, “who had forced some to move”notes Marie Lascoumes, director of the Medical-Pedagogical Institute of La Roquette in Sévérac-d’Aveyron.

The project is above all “Collective, emphasizes Corinne Compan, Assistant for Solidarity and Disability at Millau Town Hall. We realized that there was a lack of UEMA in this sector, so we contacted the regional health authority.after the latter launched a call for projects to open a second unit in the department.

Funded entirely by the ARS at €260,000 per year, the specialized class is managed by the Aveyron Departmental Association of Public Education Pupils (ADPEP), which manages around fifteen medical schools across the department. Millau Town Hall contributed to this action by providing a newly painted room inside the Jean Macé school “in soft, neutral colors”, explains Janine Creyssels, Headmistress in Millau, and through the purchase of furniture. ADPEP employs UEMA staff.

Namely: a teacher, three specialist pedagogues, a psychomotor therapist, a speech therapist and a psychologist are hired. It was Marianne Fromond, the teacher “Seduced by the project. Because it’s really built around the kids. We are at the heart of inclusion, it’s real teamwork and I want to thank all the school staff.”

The class currently has four children. Ultimately, the display is adjusted to seven. “We go step by step, with children of different ages, develops Marie Lascoumes. Because if you take in seven three-year-olds at once, the class size is blocked. There it’s possible to have a rotation every year, with kids going to primary school and others coming into UEMA.”

The advantage of this unit is also that the little ones are in a traditional school and at the same time benefit from daily and personal support. Therefore, their time is divided between activities with the educators, class time with Marianne Fromond, sessions with specialists and time with other students in traditional classes.

“We already feel that there is progress, the teacher is happy. Especially on food or mutual attention [l’attention portée à autrui, NDLR]. For example, a child who was usually left alone in the yard will now take a comrade’s hand for fun.

A future disability officer in Millau

Always with a view to making the lives of people with disabilities more comfortable, the city would like to hire someone responsible for making their lives easier: “We don’t have the competence to act in colleges and high schools, notes Corinne Compan, Assistant for Solidarity and Disability. This social worker would therefore be responsible for supporting people with disabilities, whether young, old or adult, in everyday activities, in their administrative processes or in their club or sports life., cites them as an example. At the moment the town hall is still working on the details and does not know when it will be able to implement this solution.

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