A Russian-Ukrainian family torn apart in Lion-d’Angers

Anastasia (centre) arrived with her children at her sister Alina's home in Lion-d'Angers (Maine-et-Loire) on March 8, 2022, fleeing the fighting in Ukraine.  Alina (left) is also hosting her Russian-born mother-in-law Elena.
Anastasia (centre) arrived with her children at her sister Alina’s home in Lion-d’Angers (Maine-et-Loire) on March 8, 2022, fleeing the fighting in Ukraine. Alina (left) is also hosting her Russian-born mother-in-law Elena. (©Haut Anjou)

At the Lion d’Angers (Maine et Loire) with his Ukrainian sister Alina Soldiers’ Ko, Anastasia Zemliana35, fled Ukraine with Hordii, 10, and Olivia, 6, their two children March 2, 2022. His country, invaded by the Russian army, suffered from incessant bombardments.

Anastasia found there March 8, 2022to Lion d’Angersalso the mother-in-law ofAlina, Elena Chigineva, of Russian origin, who had preceded her four days earlier. The latter lived in Kolomna, nearby Moscow, Russia), where she taught chemistry and biology. The war tears the family apart.


Under pressure from his sister AnastasiaHer fashion artist – she started her own clothing brand – fled l’Ukraine.

“We had to save the children. I waited until the last moment. »

Anastia ZemlianaA Ukrainian refugee

Anastasia is a fashion artist. She walked around Odessa (Ukraine) her husband, Illia35 years old, web designer.

“The situation got worse every day. I was afraid of attacks. »

that March 2, 2022with her two children Anastasia walk four hours until Moldova. At the end of six hours of waiting at the border, then a support towards the Romaniaby bus before flying to Paris, France).

“A friend in Paris helped them board the train to Angers (Maine-et-Loire) before I picked them up. »

Alina Soldiers’ KoAnastasia’s sister

At the Lion d’Angersat his sister Alinaa research and development engineer for a dairy group who joined us three years earlier and is fluent in French, Anastasia the calm of the pre-war period returns.

“But the situation remains complicated for children without their father. Hordii and Olivia are trained by Leo. Olivia, for whom it is her first year at school, struggles with the stews in the cafeteria. »


Anastasia goes to the Red Cross Angers (Maine et Loire)once a week to learn French.

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“It is important to read and understand French. »

A future full of uncertainties

Anastasia don’t know how long it will stay in there France with her two children. She hopes to return home. With a sometimes lost, sad look, she reenacts the scenes of the bombings and the forced exodus.

Anastasia has difficulty projecting. The future remains uncertain. The desire to paint prevailed, an outlet for suppressed emotions. She brings up the idea of ​​training in digital illustration. Interested in Angevin architecture.

“The girls in the family are talented. You like to draw, like your father, an artist. »

ElenaAlina’s mother-in-law

The parents ofAlina and D’Anastasia and her grandmother stayed at home Ukrainein Nikolayev.

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