A priest and Cuban children among 29 illegal migrants inte

A canoe was intercepted by Oiapoque Police early Saturday near Bico do Papagaio Island in Oiapoque. From Suriname, 29 migrants traveled illegally to Brazil.

Illegal immigrants arrested by Brazilian police

Illegal immigrants arrested by Brazilian police

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Just before dawn, this Saturday, 29 people, including 13 Cubans, 1 Colombian, 14 Brazilians and 1 Somali, were arrested on board a canoe near the island of Bico do Papagaio, about two hours from Oiapoque. uAction as part of Operation Horus against border crimes.

The police operation was triggered on Friday around 9 p.m. Oiapoque Civil and Criminal Police men stood guard at the mouth of the Oyapock River for six hours, until that they intercept the ship coming from Suriname. Among the passengers were two children, one Brazilian aged 1 year and 4 months and the other Cuban aged 4 years. A Cuban priest was also identified among the passengers. APPROX 20 kilograms of mercury were confiscated. A product used at secret mining sites.

Charles Correia, Delegate of the Civil Police of Oiapoque

Charles Correa Delegate of the Civil Police of Oiapoque

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We had the information about this ship. This crossing is extremely dangerous. Several shipwrecks have occurred in this region. After about six minutes of surveillance, we were able to intercept the canoe. The pilot and two drug dealers were arrested. These have already been observed. They are involved in smuggling drugs and arms across borders, including large caliber weapons such as firearms. These weapons are transported to Oiapoque, they go to Macapá and from there to other states of the Federation

Charles Corrêa, Delegate of the Civil Police of Oiapoque.

Also during Operation Horus, a man was arrested in a canoe used as a regular river taxi. Usually these boats make trips between Oiapoque and Saint-Georges.

“It’s a well-known practice. The smugglers who bring illegal migrants to the mouth of the ocean. Here they load them into canoe taxis to make it look like cool trips. We also arrested the person responsible for this ratchet The Act”he added.

The delegate from the Oiapoque Civil Police also revealed that the smugglers charge fees to every Brazilian passenger transported around 350 euros, which corresponds to a little more than 1,770 R$. Cubans and other foreigners pay USD 450, which is about R$ 2,115.

Brazilian police

The Brazilian police officers of Operation Horus

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The detainees and illegal migrants were taken to Oiapoque. The prisoners will answerhe crimes of illegal migration, attack on safety of sea and river transport, criminal organization and environmental crime for the transport of pollutants without legal formalities.

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